3 Secret Ways To Upgrade Your Cruise Cabin


If you’re a frequent economy class purchaser, you’ve most likely at one point or another day dreamed about what it must be like to be in First or Business class. Sitting uncomfortably cramped next to someone who may or may not be too big for the seat in the middle, or better yet being in the middle of two people who don’t leave much room to breathe or to do much of anything else. Once you’re on a very long international flight, or even just a flight that’s been delayed from landing for some time, the pain of not being amongst the elite class is physically and mentally felt. One can only have their knees wedged up against their chest for so long before enough is enough.

If you’re one of the many who have not experienced any luxury beyond economy class when traveling, the day dream has never passed the fantasy phase so we’re left with just the idea of what it must be like. When you’re tired, you don’t have to result to rolling up unused sweatshirts to lay your head on while you string other articles of clothing across your body like paper Mache to make a make-shift blanket. If you’re a taller person, First and Business class probably doesn’t require you to lay diagonally, hoping your neighbor doesn’t mind your entire massive leg invading their cabin space, as that’s the only place it will fit. 

When you’re thirsty, the upper class seating won’t require you to wait for the flight attendants to get through the entire plane before you can squelch your thirst or use the restroom. From entertainment, to comfort, to accommodations, the people who are able to partake in the luxury classes tend to have far better, more comfortable experiences with their travel. According to USAtoday.com1, particularly for faraway destinations requiring long-haul flights, in-air comfort can largely affect the overall quality of a travel experience. 


The same could be said when talking about economy anything. In particular, when on a cruise vacation, economy vs. luxury class is felt in a major way. You’ll have a great time on the cruise, but an upgraded cabin will add to the overall experience of the cruise. Once again, if you’re not made of magic money bags, the idea of affording upgraded cabins well outside your vacation budget isn’t feasible. If you forego other aspects of your trip, maybe you can justify it, but for many, the activities are far more important than where you sleep.

According to cruisecritic.com2, cabin amenities can include butlers, concierge services, spa access, exclusive spaces and many other amenities like in-cabin whirlpool bathtubs. It’s understandable many can do without these amenities and would not like to spend the extra money. One thing to consider is it is possible to have your cake and eat it too when it comes to upgrading your cruise. The cruise is the cake and the upgrades are the eating it. You too can enjoy your cruise, included with all the activities you dreamed of, while cruising the seas in a luxurious upgraded cabin. Here are a few secrets to beginning your sail away to luxury.

Book a Guaranteed Cabin

There are many hidden secrets cruise lines don’t care to tell their passengers. Even if you frequently vacation on cruise liners, there is very uncommon knowledge people need to start taking advantage of. For instance, a very little known trick is booking a guaranteed cabin. This may sound like a no brainer, but it’s not what you think. Guaranteed Cabins come with the odds that your upgrade is inevitable. You don’t pick your room as if you would booking a normal cabin. Instead, you chose a room type. They then will accommodate by offering you a room at your expected type level or better. An example of this is if you prefer an ocean view. This will guarantee you a room with an ocean view, a comparable room or a room that is better. So if nothing is available, you win. The tiers don’t go much higher than Ocean view, so you’d be looking at the luxurious upper class from there. In some instances, this upgrade could be worth up to $1000.

Build Loyalty with One Cruise Line

Loyalty points are always a great way to upgrade to better cabins for little to no money out of your pocket. If there is a cruise line you frequent, or just have favor towards, discuss with them about their available loyalty programs. They may have some that aren’t widely advertised and not asking could be costing you money. Particularly if you intend on using the cruise line anyways. There’s nothing wrong with getting paid for something you’d do even if you didn’t get paid. Even if you don’t save money on upgrades, you may save money on other cruise amenities, in turn spending less out of pocket which is more money you can put towards your room upgrade.

Just Ask

Many times, people don’t know how far a simple question could get them. Cancellations happen all the time and there’s no cost to the cruise line to upgrade your cabin to a vacant better cabin. Simply asking the concierge if there are any upgrades available, can land you a discounted upgrade and in some situations, even free. They would never advertise this because everyone would use it to the point where they would most likely be instructed to stop doing it. So keeping it a secret allows them to keep hooking travelers up with amazing upgrades for nearly nothing.

Search Online for The Best Cabin Upgrade Odds

Do a quick Google search for discounted cruise upgrades and you’ll be surprised what you can find. Apps like Groupon may also be a great source for discounted cruise upgrades. If you do some due diligence on empty cabins on cruise ships, you can generally find a treasure trove of ways to save on amazing upgrades. 


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