4 Reasons To Rent A Boat On Vacation


When we think of “exploring new horizons”, our societies space aspirations tend to overshadow any other types of explorations that could come to mind. We tend to forget we have uncharted territories yet to be explored right here on earth. The world’s oceans and lakes are right in our backyards. When we travel internationally, we’re forced to engage the earth’s oceans and great lakes to get to our final destinations. Any body of water is far more accessible and a lot cheaper, some could argue safer, to get to than any of earth’s neighboring constellations. We are surrounded by 70% water on this planet, which should make accessing our exciting water worlds a piece of cake. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,1 80% of our world’s oceans are uncharted and unmapped. Imagine being able to explore whole new worlds, new species and new horizons never seen by a humans eye, right here on earth.

These types of possibilities are more non-fiction than fantasy. We would still need a vessel to get us from point A to point B when navigating this foreign world. Lucky for us, there’s no need to go any further than our local boat rental shops. Renting a boat can seem like a daunting task and sounds like a lot of responsibility. According to Geymyboat.com,2 most people don’t even know where to begin their boat rental search. Good news is, renting a boat is almost as easy as renting a car, with countless sites that are set up to assist you with your upcoming adventures on the water.

So you’re warming up to the idea of renting a boat. You found fantastic resources to help you with your search and found it to be quite affordable. Now, you just need to convince yourself why you’d want to rent a boat on your vacation? Here are a few great reasons to let down your inhibitions with renting a boat on vacation.

Opens up vacation possibilities

When going on vacation, the odds are you are going to be locked to the land. Even if you are vacationing by the beach, you can only swim out in the ocean as far as your lungs and your limbs will allow. Though there are plenty of activities to get into while on land, you may be competing with a many other tourists who had the same idea as you. Maybe you just want to escape the melee of overcrowded tourist attractions and try something out the box and out of your comfort zone. 

Renting a boat opens up the possibilities of escaping the hustle and bustle of a busy tourist city, and puts in serene peaceful waters, far enough from civilization where you can hear your thoughts, but not too far where you can’t be found. If you’re visiting an island with multiple island options, there’s no need to wait for crowded ferries that may limit the time you have on islands, adhering to its schedule. You can come and go as you please, feeling as free as the water you’re riding on.

Cheaper than owning a boat

It goes without saying that boats are very expensive. If you had very little knowledge of how to go about renting a boat, odds are the thought of boat ownership or renting never crossed your mind because it’s an activity reserved for the rich. When considering owning a boat, you may be right. According to Getmyboat.com,3 the upfront costs boat enthusiasts face when contemplating buying a boat, can get very high. Easily, costs can exceed tens of thousands of dollars. If you’re thinking about a yacht, you could be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars. The upfront cost doesn’t include regular maintenance, weather proofing and upkeep. Then there’s the matter of where to house your boat? 

Are you going to keep it at a Marina, which comes with a monthly price tag for slip rentals. Maybe you decide you’ll just keep it at home and tow it when you’re ready to hit the water. Not a bad idea, however you have to consider owning a big enough car to tow your boat and doubling up on gas for your boat and your car that’ll be towing the boat. Lastly, you’ll never get the value you paid for out of your boat. The boat depreciates in value as soon as it leaves the lot and touches water. Renting will save you a lot of headache seen and unseen.

Bonding with the family

The best reason to rent a boat on vacation is the priceless time you’ll get to spend with your family. When you go on vacation with your family, odds are if you have teenagers, they’ll leave you the first chance they get. Even on vacation, it’s hard to bond with the family. With the different types of adventures boats can offer, it’ll provide the exciting engagement young people need to stick around and a small enough venue where you’re forced to be close. Whether you decide on a speed boat for tubing, knee boarding or water skiing, having those activities possible add extra hours of smiles to anyone’s face. 

A pontoon boat can offer some well needed R and R, while providing many activities if you decide to just wade in the water. Many pontoons come with upper decks to lounge on or jump off of into the water. Some even come with water slides! Once out in the open ocean air, the stresses of the world aren’t bogging you down and your entire family is grinning from ear to ear from the countless adventures your boat rental has opened up, you’ll will look forward to the next time you get to escape the restraints of land by renting a boat on vacation.


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