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45 Ridiculously Customized Jeeps


There’s only one thing that beats riding through an open road on a Jeep, riding a customized jeep off-road. For years Jeeps have stayed virtually the same. These people took it upon themselves to give their Jeeps a little more pop while riding down the streets. These Jeeps are sure to catch attention and turn heads while cruising down the streets. Which of these Customized Jeeps is your favorite? 

This Jeep is called a Snyper. We've never heard of it either. That's because it's new. And tricked out, too. SEMA 2015 featured more than 250 custom trucks and SUVs, including this one. 

Another SEMA creation from Fab Fours, called The Legend. Looks like a nice ride, high in the air. Was recently featured in Jay Leno's garage. That will look good on its resume. There are, after all, a lot of custom jeeps to choose from.

A custom jeep from Superlift. This one is teal with yellow trim. Many cool accessories. Roomy, too. 

This doorless wonder is painted orange and grey. Despite the off road inspired design, jeeps are street legal. Incidentally, the word Jeep is derived from GP (General Purpose) vehicle. Jeep has been an iconic SUV for about 70 years, 

An antiqued looking model in copper and blue. You can buy an ordinary (non customized) jeep for $20,000 to $30,000. Is that all? Visit 

A slick looking black and yellow jeep. Travel the highways in off road style, sporting a way cool paint job. Or travel up stairways and over bumpy rocks. That's what Jeeps are for.

The white on white design lends a sunny effect. If only you could ride this on a beach. But you can't really drive cars on beaches anymore. So you'll just have to show off your Jeep on the highway.

A custom Jeep in subtle tan. On display at SEMA, 2015. The most popular Jeeps on the market include the Compass, the Renegade and the Wrangler. Not sure what this one is. 

A silver and black Jeep model. Customized to the gills. Displayed at SEMA, 2015. The hottest Jeeps on the market include the Cherokee, the Grand Cherokee, and the Patriot. 

A blue and silver Jeep by Truck Hero. Customized with all your favorite Jeep accessories. Includes 4-wheel drive. Jeeps have been assembled all over the world, but the best Jeeps are made in the USA. 

Classic black on black custom Jeep. Fully loaded with all the toys. This model was shown at SEMA, 2015. It attracted crowds of people to its fancified exterior. 

Turquoise is an unusual choice of color for a Jeep. Or is it sky blue? In any case, it's a very roadsy color for a very off road design. How incongruous? 

A Special Forces tribute jeep. The army green is intimidating. Kind of takes you back to WWII. Jeep went into production in 1941.

A custom jeep in gun-metal grey. This one even has an Earth Roamer cover on it. This jeep is move-in ready. Everybody wants to move in. 

A custom yellow jeep. This one is designed by Paramount. Visit They supply the parts, you supply the style. 

This custom off road inspired design is the color of dirt. Nice for desert camo. It's a subdued, inoffensive color. It doesn't try to show off. The first civilian Jeep models came around in 1945.

This Jeep displays a grey toned camouflage design. Not sure where that would blend in. On a black & white photo, perhaps? Maybe that's where they got the idea. 

This orange and black custom Jeep looks formidable. But it rides like the wind on horseback. Accessorize it any way you want. Jeep carries all the extras. 

Now that's a lot of Jeep! This is one of our roomier designs. This Jeep was on display at SEMA in 2015. People wanted to climb inside. 

This is a GearSafe custom Jeep. Black and yellow striped, like a bee. Incidentally, what's known as Jeep gear is basically merchandise (backpacks, flashlights, water bottles, T-shirts) with the word “JEEP” emblazoned or embroidered on it. 

This Jeep has gigantic tires. You could turn one on its side and use it as a hot tub. But then you wouldn't have that cool, high riding Jeep. Never mind the hot tub for now. 

This purple custom Jeep is a real fashion statement. But isn't that all Jeeps are these days? You can't really take them anywhere. At least, not anywhere off the road. 

A Jeep painted race car red. Why not? But how can you tell it's a Jeep? Jeeps are recognized for their iconic grilles with seven vertical slots.

The Bandit, by Starwood Motors. This jeep is the color of sand. Actually, it's Starwood Motors' signature tan Kevlar finish. Sleek! 

A pale yellow custom Jeep. Seen on display at SEMA, 2015. Probably not for sale. But you can buy a pre-owned Jeep Wrangler on eBay. Models include Sahara, Rubicon, and Unlimited, among others.

An eye catching design by Starwood Motors. This model was on display at SEMA, 2015. You probably can't get one just like this. But you can try. 

This black and grey Jeep has vintage appeal. And of course, 4-wheel drive. And the parts (because it's a Jeep) are fairly easy to get. Dose it up with your favorite accessories and you're good to go.

Another meticulous custom design from Starwood Motors. This Jeep appears to be highlighted in gold. You don't even want to drive this. You might ruin the paint job. 

A retro Jeep in army green. No pickup on the back. Incidentally, the first civilian Jeep was called the CJ. It stands for Civilian Jeep. 

This dark grey, customized Jeep has subtle yellow accents. Nice paint job! Plus, whichever accessories you choose. Then all you need is a full tank of gas. 

Take an off-road joyride in this low key, cream colored Jeep. Jeep has always advertised its off road capabilities. However, the best off road Jeep these days is the Wrangler. Jeeps are known for being “trail rated.” 

A classy gold design from Starwood Motors. Cool rims! Keep this one on the road. You don't want to mud up the paint job. 

Great lighting. Great rims. Great design. Great Jeep. 

A well-lit custom job from Starwood Motors. Fully loaded for your off-road pleasure. Good for on-road service as well. This Jeep was displayed at SEMA in 2015. 

A lime green Jeep from Starwood Motors. That color really pops! This model is called the Rugged Ridge. It was displayed at SEMA in 2015. 

A frog-colored design from Starwood Motors. How much can we really say about Jeeps? Choose your features. Accessorize. Drive. 

Black on red with light grey trim. Jeep's current product range consists of SUVs and off road vehicles. In the past, Jeep has included pickup trucks. In the more distant past, Jeeps were military vehicles.

A veteran inspired camouflage design by Starwood Motors. It's a pick-up style vehicle. It is painted like the jeeps some veterans might have seen. Original WWII Jeeps were made by Ford. 

No chance of camouflage for this statement maker. The color is a deep scarlet. Where would this vehicle hide? In a rose bush? What used to be a military truck is now a way cool fashion statement. 

Black and yellow is getting to be a popular color scheme for Jeeps. And check out those rims! This vehicle will camouflage nicely if you crash your jeep into a beehive. On second thought, just keep it on the road.

A classic enclosed design by Starwood Motors. Fix it up the way you like it. Choose your perfect features. This light blue vehicle was displayed at SEMA in 2015. 

Crazy custom grey and gold on this Starwood Motors design. Cool! When it comes to jeeps, Starwood once again proves its capability. This jeep was shown at SEMA, 2015. 

Pewter colored Jeep with copper colored rims. What a nice industrial touch! Nice structural design, too. This jeep was shown at SEMA, 2015. 

Another red one. Are red Jeeps getting old yet? Nah! They used to be such an icky green. 

The Bandit by Starwood Motors. It's a gunmetal grey pick up Jeep. This vehicle was shown at SEMA in 2015. It's a mega build that was created specifically for that purpose. 

Here's one in royal blue. This custom Jeep was featured at SEMA in 2015. Envision your favorite features and accessories. Imagine the ride!

Yellow is such an innocent color for a big, bad, boxy Jeep. But there are so many big, bad, boxy jeeps to choose from. Not to mention, so many accessories. By the way, a U.S. Mail delivery vehicle is a type of Jeep. 

Nice big wheels on this taupe colored Jeep from Starwood Motors. Choose your features. Buy accessories. Gear up and go! 

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