5 Ways You’re Damaging Your Skin Without Knowing


People do not realize but they are damaging their skin with habits that they are doing every day. The habits that happen every day are hard to pick up on but for example eating too many sweets and even carbs can lead to your skin reacting badly. By just stopping one of these daily habits you can see a major difference in your skin. According to WebMD1, fruits and antioxidants will help your skin from becoming more damage.

People have often thought that taking long hot showers will help clean your clean but in most cases it will dry out your skin and make your skin prune. By not washing your face at night before bed, you can cause damage to your skin from all the dirt and oil you get from the day. Even though there are many ways for you to damage your skins, there are many ways to prevent it from ever happening.

Skipping Sunscreen

For the most part people now know that the sun can be very damaging to you if you don’t know the risks, when you are young though you often ignore this fact. When you are not in direct sunlight the whole day it is hard to remember to put on sunscreen. Even though suntans are very attractive and appealing they often end up damaging your skin more than you think. By not using sunscreen you can cause your skin to get sunburnt, have the chance of getting skin cancer or damage your skin.

The more that you suntan without sunscreen the bigger chance you have to getting damaged blood vessels which weakens the skin and can later lead to skin cancer. If you want the most protection out of sunscreen than you need to get the one with the highest SPF2. Try to wear protective clothes when you are not wearing sunscreen on hot days and use sunscreen whenever you are outside.

Using Your Phone Regularly

Mostly all the time you end up seeing people just stuck to their phones and talking on them constantly. Unfortunately having your phone on your cheek is not the best thing to do, it can lead to bacteria on the skin and can cause skin problems. Your phone is with you all the time and while it is with you it is picking up bacteria everywhere you go, and when you answer the phone that bacteria just goes straight on your face.3

There is some research that suggests frequent texting can result in carpal tunnel syndrome which can spark pain throughout your hands, arms and neck. To prevent anything from happening to you make sure that you clean your phone properly and not to be talking on it every second.


Most people already know that smoking is bad for you and that health risks have more of a chance of occurring. With smoking you can cause harm to your lungs, heart as well as the brain. After finding out what smoking can do to your skin you will not want to smoke one again. By smoking it causes the creation of bags under your eyes, getting wrinkles, making your teeth and finger nails a yellowish tint, losing hair and depleting nutrients.4

If you are someone that smokes, you should reconsider what damage that you are doing to your body and stop so that you won’t have any health issues once you get older.

Leaving Makeup on Overnight

For the ladies out there, the worst thing that you could do is leave your makeup on overnight without giving your face a wash. This could lead to clogging your pores, bacteria builds up and creates pimples and contracting dermatitis.5 If you are someone who has eczema or rosacea this could make these conditions worse.

By leaving your makeup on overnight you are increasing the chance of making your skin allergic to certain chemicals within the makeup, this often leads to rashes that rather look unappealing. The best thing for you do to do is remove all of your makeup before you fall asleep. Make sure that you are using the right makeup for your skin and try to get better quality makeup. By just cleaning your face before you go to bed can help improve your skin’s health.

Drinking Alcohol

By drinking alcohol you can cause damage to your skin more than you think, by just having a drink you can eliminate collagen, make your skin more susceptible to getting infected with bacteria and limits the amount of nutrients your skin is getting.6 Unfortunately your skin cannot process any waste because it is the biggest organ of your body. So when you are putting alcohol into your system you are damaging the cells and helping vitamin A age.

Try not to drink as much when you do so that you can have healthy skin for the rest of your life.

Best Practices for Skin Care

If you want to have healthy skin all you have to do is take care of yourself and make sure that you are realizing what you are doing on a daily basis. If you find that you are not keeping up with your skin, try making a schedule to maintain your skin and stick with the routine. Make sure that you test the products that you are using on your skin and if anything looks bad make sure to see a doctor. Start keeping your skin healthy today and look forward to no problems.


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