7 Degrees You Can Easily Get Online – Enroll Today!

We are living in very uncertain times and a lot is still unknown. Whether it’s lack of work or working from home, one thing you have for sure is a little bit more time on your hands with the stay at home orders. If you recently graduated high school or have been wanting to go back and get your degree, online education has never been easier. It is the preferred method of earning a degree in today’s technologically advanced world. Some of the fastest growing fields include; Nursing, Medical Coding, MBA, Criminal Justice, Accounting, Paralegal, and Psychology. With being able to open your laptop and enroll in a program in one of the fast-growing fields can only benefit you and your wallet further down the line. Take advantage of that time you may have on your hands and check out some the top online degrees to earn below.

1. Nursing Degrees – From LPN to RN Programs

Nursing is one of the most in demand fields in the country right now, especially due to today’s health climate. If you are seeking to become a nurse, starting online is the best way to get your feet wet. There are many different types of nursing programs available online, including LPN, RN and BSN programs. By electing to earn your certificate or degree online, you have the ability to create your own schedule and go at your own pace. If you want to learn more and get started earning your certificate or degree in nursing online, check out the link below.

2. Medical Coding – Earn Certificate in Less Than 9 Months

Another medical field that is extremely essential is medical coding. To become a medical coder, one must have a good understanding of anatomy and physiology, the disease process, and clinical procedures in order to apply the correct codes that make up health records, claims, and the business side of medicine. Courses are offered through virtual labs and will prepare you for industry recognized certifications like CCS, CCA, AAPC’s exam that will put you in position to hit the field ready for a job. Check out your options to becoming a medical coder below.

3. MBA Programs – Further Your Education In As Little As 1 Year

Nowadays, just having your bachelor’s degree is like having a GED. Everyone has one and you don’t stand out as a potential candidate as much as you used to in today’s business world. Having an MBA may set you apart from others and expand your knowledge in various fields such as finance, marketing, operations management, economics, human resources, strategy, leadership, and technology management. If you are looking to further your education and earn an MBA degree, check out your options below.

4. Criminal Justice Degree – Pursue A Career in Law Enforcement & More

The criminal justice field is vast and career opportunities are many. Whether you want to pursue a career as a lawyer or become a police officer, the options are endless for criminal justice degrees. Programs range anywhere from 9 months to 4 years, depending on the career you are striving for. When you earn a degree in criminal justice, your career paths may include police officer, homeland security, firefighter, court reporters, detective, probation officer, forensic science technician, crime scene investigator, lawyer, and many more. Start pursuing your dream job today and learn more about criminal justice programs offered.

5. Accounting Degree – Perfect Degree For Those Who Love Numbers

If you are someone that loves numbers, an accounting degree would be right up your alley. There are various career paths one can take with a degree in accounting such as an Accountant, Stockbroker, Auditor, Economist, Tax Adviser, Banker, Data Analyst and many more. There are plenty of certifications and programs offered online for accounting, which many can be completed in as little as 9 months, while others may take 18. Learn more about accounting programs online today!

6. Paralegal Degree – Associate & Bachelor Degree Programs

A paralegal is an individual who is employed by a lawyer to perform specific legal tasks which may include preparing affidavits, legal correspondence, trial prep and more. It is one of the fastest growing fields in the country and is in high demand. If you are looking to enter into the legal world, a paralegal is a great way in. There are many programs offered ranging from Associates to Bachelors degrees. Learn more about paralegal programs offered online and enroll today!

7. Psychology Degree – Career Paths Are Endless!

Many of these programs will equips students with professional knowledge and practical skills in general psychology and specialized emphasis areas. Earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology provides many opportunities immediately upon graduating such as Behavioral Counseling, Family Counseling, Professor, Social Work, Advertising, Human Resources and many more. There is no shortage of specialized fields you can pursue after earning a degree in Psychology. Check out online programs available today!