Affordable Sports Cars of 2018

Looking for a sports car that isn’t going to drain your bank account? Well luckily there is a wide variety of 2018 models that you could choose from. With these affordable sports cars you will still be getting a fast and sporty car without the big price tag. Many car companies are offering some of the best options on their mid-priced selections and now is the perfect time to purchase your new sports car with the new year coming up.

There are many styles that you could choose from such as an AWD or RWD transmission, there are even some that have the option for a turbo kit. This brings a whole other level to sports cars which is something that you should enjoy. You will see massive price drops on many of these models and some are even discounted. 

Here is a list of the most affordable sports cars on the market:

Ford Focus ST

This stylish and powerful hatchback is one of Ford’s most affordable sports car. The Ford Focus ST is a perfect choice if you are not looking to spend a good amount more on the Focus RS and gives you some of the features that the RS gives you. The Ford Focus ST is starting at $25,1701 and Ford is offering a promotion that starts you off at 0% APR for 60 months. With the ST you get a turbocharged four cylinder engine that gives you around 252 HP and a six speed manual transmission so that you could get the best out of your engine. With an MPG of 30 miles on the highway and 22 in the city you can’t beat the price or the speed.

Honda Civic Si

When it comes to Honda you know that they are putting out a good quality car, but it gets even better when they release their Si version of the Civic. With the Honda Civic Si you will be getting around 50 more horsepower over the Civic base model and a sporty looking trim kit. It starts at $24,1002 with many options and Honda is offering a promotion on the sedan version giving 1.9% APR for up to 36 months. You will be getting a turbocharged four cylinder engine that can push out 205 HP and with a six speed transmission you will be flying through corners like nothing. The Civic Si has some of the best MPG on the market, on highways you can get 38 mpg and in the city around 28 mpg. This is a great affordable sports car that you should consider.

Subaru WRX

The Subaru WRX is a well-equipped rally sedan that offers you some of the best driving you could get out of a car. Subaru is a great company that offers the safest cars on the market and with these new models, the WRX has all the latest technology for safety. With the base model you can get a four cylinder turbocharged engine that could push 305 HP and all models are all-wheel drive. The WRX is starting at $26,9953 and you could look out for promotions as Subaru tends to give them all the time. With this six speed manual transmission you will be able to keep up with even some of the higher class sports cars, they also offer an automatic transmission if you are someone that doesn’t want to deal with the stick. With your all-wheel drive system you will be able to tackle the toughest weather and terrain, this a great sports car if you tend to be outdoor all the time.

Volkswagen GTI S

Looking for a well-made German sports car that is affordable that consider buying a Volkswagen GTI S. This speedy car will get you to your destinations a lot quicker and will offer some of the best handling. You get some fast acceleration due to the four cylinder turbocharged engine that puts out around 220 horsepower. The Volkswagen GTI S is starting at $26,4154 with many colors and options that you could choose from. With this popular hatchback you will be able to store more cargo then you would with a sedan and still have the speed of a sports car. You could pick up a six speed manual transmission or go with an automatic transmission either way you are getting a great sports car.

Mazda Miata Sport

With a Mazda Miata Sport you will be enjoying every second of driving, with this compact coupe you will be having the most fun on the road. The Miata is a well-balanced sports car that anyone could drive with it being a coupe you can put down the cover and enjoy the outside weather. It has an amazing mpg for a fast sports car you could get up to 35 mpg on the highways and 26 in the city. The Mazda Miata Sport is starting at $25,2955 with many trim kits to choose from including options for Brembo brakes or Recaro seats and wheels. Unfortunately Mazda only offers a four cylinder engine that puts out 155 horsepower but the Miata is so light that you will be gaining speed like nothing. This is the perfect sports car for someone that wants to enjoy driving around with the top down and relishing the perfect handling.

Making the Right Pick

Picking the right sports car can be difficult but with this list it will help you decide what the best pick is for you. Luckily all of these sports cars are at an affordable price which is a luxury when it comes to looking for a car. Now that you have an idea make sure to compare the ones that you like and check if any dealerships are offering any promotions to save you money.

With a wide option to choose from you should have no problem getting the sports car that you will enjoy for years to come. Start searching online today for your affordable sports car.  







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