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CES 2018 Shows Us What The Future Has To Offer


The Consumer Electronics Show1 has been going on for an outstanding 50 years and every year they showcase what some of the greatest innovators have to offer. At the beginning of each year in Las Vegas, people from all over the world come to see what inventors are making for the future. Last year around 3,900 companies attended CES to show the advancements they have made in their field.

Today technology controls almost every aspect in our lives, so it is important and intriguing to see what companies are coming up with. Now that technology is so easily available, there are companies from all over the world that have something to show. Here are some of the few that stood out from the rest.

L’Oreal UV Sense

This new innovative technology gives to the ability to monitor your skin to help your protect yourself from UV rays. By just wearing a device on your thumbnail you are able to monitor the condition of your skin through a smart device app. This is perfect for someone who is always working in the sun or sunbathing. Amazingly L’Oreal UV Sense will let you know when to apply sunscreen or when you have been in the sun for too long.

With this smart device you don’t have to worry about getting burnt or damming your skin. The app will track the time that you have been out in the sun and the device could be worn daily. Since this is by one of the biggest skin care companies out there you know that they have put a lot of research into a device that will help you protect your skin. You will find this amazing device within the next year by sure to look out.

Lenovo Smart Display

If you are looking for a device that could control just about any smart electronic in your home than you should take a look at the new Lenovo Smart Display. With this device you are able to control everything with the sound of your voice using Google Assistant. With the display of an 8 or 10 inch screen you are able to search whatever you want using the many applications that could be used on the device.

With this smart device you are able to make video calls to your friends and you could enjoy your favorite music with the 10 watt speakers included. With this device you are able to connect to other smart devices to allow you to control them by voice command. The Lenovo Smart Display offers you the best technology for looking up recipes, calling people and controlling other devices in your home.

Philips SmartSleep

A good night’s sleep is very important for anyone who is looking to stay healthy the rest of their life. With the Philips SmartSleep you get a device that helps you sleep and monitors your sleep to find the best pattern for you. This device is a comfortable headband that you wear when you go to sleep, it is able to play soft music to put you to sleep. With the SmartSleep you will be able to get the best deep sleep of your life.

With the help of a neurologist team Philips created a one of a kind device that will help anyone who is having problems with sleeping. Using sound waves to help you get into a deep sleep this device should be on the top of your list if you are someone who needs some deep sleep. Start looking forward to the SmartSleep today.

Byton Concept Car

Now the future is just around the corner, companies are starting to come up with ideas you would think would come from sci-fi movies. But this year at CES, Byton announced that they are coming out with the Byton Concept Car which is a self-driving car that is equipped with a lounge. Since there are many companies looking to make self-driving cars Byton thought they would relieve one of their innovative projects.

This concept car will be able to monitor everything that is going on around the car to help it brake and get to its destination safely. This creation could change the way we look at driving forever, with the ability to not drive you could do anything from sleeping to working. With the help of Amazon’s Alexa you will be able to control the car by the sound of your voice. If you are looking to purchase one of these in the future you don’t have to look too far because they plan to release it sometime in 2020.

Wait for These Amazing Tech Devices to Come Out

If you are looking forward to these amazing devices that have been relieved at CES 2018 than you don’t have to wait too long. Most of these items are out or close to being out so the future is not too far away. With these innovative devices you have so much to look forward to in the coming years.

Like what you are seeing and are you part of a technology company, then you could be able to take part in the CES in 2019.2 If not you could still see the amazing devices that companies are coming out with yearly. Make sure to look out for the many different devices that will be coming out soon, start searching today for your favorite one. 




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