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Competitive House Cleaning Market Gives You More Choice


If you’re the kind of person who absolutely despises cleaning, you’re in luck because you’re not alone. There is a large population of people who either don’t like to clean. Lucky for us fellow couch potatoes, someone has figured how to find people who, not only like to clean, but do it for a living! If there was a way to get well paid for being very lazy, some of us would be CEOs. Maybe you aren’t one of the lazy bunch. You may be a very hard worker who just doesn’t have the time to clean their huge mansion they are working so hard to keep. 

There are professionals who will gladly pick up the slack where you may lack. Perhaps you’re a parent. If you are a parent of young children, you may experience how challenging it is to keep a tidy household. Young kids haven’t learned the “pick up after yourself” concept, and tend to have their own personal maids, called Parents. You may have picked up this title of Parent Maid without ever having actual aspirations of becoming a professional cleaner. This is where you may want to pass the buck to the pros.

According to Allied Market Research1, the Cleaning Services Market Report is forecasting a global market increase to $74.3 million in four years. This means it may be time to turn those lazy bones into revenue. Market research suggest a progressive trend with cleaning services globally. North America holds the crown for the largest cleaning services market in respect to the overall global market. Alliedmarketresearch.com2 claims maid services account for the biggest portion of market share amongst the residential cleaning services market. 

Under the residential cleaning services segments, carpet and upholstery cleaning businesses are expected to see the highest growth rate when compared with other services under the same area of service. This is great news for consumers and shoppers for cleaning services. This equates to more options and lower costs for patrons of cleaning services. Nowadays, the competitive house cleaning market give you more choices. Here are a few great services to look into for your residential home cleaning.

Molly Maid

According to Mollymaid.com3, Molly Maid is a comprehensive residential cleaning service. They are a national cleaning service, so once you get to the landing page of the website, all you need to do is let them know what services you are looking for and your Zip code. They will provide unrivaled, comprehensive residential, apartment, or special event cleaning services. They are well-known for their housekeeping services. They receive high rankings for consistency and quality. Not only that, but they are also a philanthropic organization. They run the Ms Molly Foundation for Domestic Violence Awareness. They provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in money and personal care products to save houses and domestic violence centers and agencies around the country. So not only would you be getting your home cleaned by top notch professionals, but you’d be also contributing to a great cause.

Cleaning Authority

According to thecleaningauthority.com4, their aim is for their customers to stop coming home to a second job. The second job being maintaining a tidy home. Families with small to teenage children understand the challenges involved with trying to keep the home clean. The last thing anyone wants to do when they get home from a long stressful day of work, is clean up after people who’ve been there all day and haven’t lifted finger. That is what the pros are for. They won’t get mad at you for being lazy. In fact, they may actually welcome it because they make more money. The cleaning authority will keep your house clean with their detail-clean rotation system. They use this system for deep cleaning of each room on a rotating basis. They brag that this will ensure your home stays thoroughly clean in all of you common areas, daily. They only use cleaning products that are environmentally responsible, giving your family more peace of mind.

Maid Simple

When going to Maidsimplehc.com5, you’ll see Maid Simple is offering quality cleaning for an affordable cost. Their services include maid services for your home, for your apartment, or for your condo. If you own a business, Maid simple will also provide cleaning for your office space. For those of you are environmentally conscious, Maid Simple will also provide a green cleaning service, using products that take into account the footprint that could be left. They want your family to be safe and comfortable after they have completed with their services, which is hard to do if you home smells of harsh cleaning chemicals. It’s even more of a turn-off if you have young children whose lungs are still developing. Maid Simple is eco-friendly and pet-friendly. They provide services in California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Jersey and Texas.

Merry Maids

International company Merry Maids can be found in North America, including Canada. You can order online instantly and view local pricing from the merrymaids.com6 website. Merry Maids provided cleaning over the holidays, which would be a tremendous help if you are planning to have family stay at your home. The brag about their deep bathroom cleaning and other specialty cleanings. Merry Maids offers a guarantee. If customers are not completely satisfied with their services, Merry Maids will come back to the place of service and do the job again at no additional charge. They are only satisfied with your 100% satisfaction. They will also provide a green cleaning service for the environmentally conscious.

Choosing the Right House Cleaning Service

Choosing the right house cleaning service for you can be challenging. The great news is, there are a number of great organizations who truly care about the quality of service they bring to you and your family. Make sure the cleaning service takes in consideration, your family dynamic. Do you have pets, small children, pregnant women in the home, or someone in the home with sensitivity to chemicals? There is plenty of research out there to help you choose the right service for you. This competitive cleaning market gives you more choice, making you the clean winner at the end of the day.








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