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Don’t Get A Gym Membership Until You See These Great Gym Equipment Deals


We’re coming up to that time of year again, when it’s time to revisit and recommit to our New Year’s resolutions. Whether your resolution is to save a little extra money or shed a few extra pounds, there is one thing in common: failure. According to US news, just about 80% of resolutions made by Americans, tend to fail by the middle of February.1 Unfortunately, what the data is showing, is that the odds are stacked horribly against you. If your resolution leans more towards losing weight or getting in shape, you are amongst the 45% of Americans who will be promising themselves the same thing.2 

The gyms will be that much more packed, there will be a bunch more unbeatable gym membership deals. Then, when February comes around, the gyms will once again be a ghost town. What’s worse is that the great gym membership deals tend to be a more substantial upfront financial commitment, that you pay for if you go or not. According to statistics, you will most likely waste the membership.

There is hope for you if getting that sexy beach body for your upcoming Spring Break trip is in your necessary future. You can still have losing weight and feeling great as your New Year’s resolution, and not have to commit to so much money over a long period of time. There’s no telling what could happen between now and when your membership contract ends. What if you are hurt and unable to take advantage of your membership? This is why other options to meet the goals of your dream body, may be beneficial for your consideration. Consider buying your own equipment. This way, even if you do lose a little bit of steam by February, who’s to say you can’t pick that steam right back up again in March? You wouldn’t be wasting money since the equipment has already paid for itself. Consider these ideas for why to own your own equipment.

Gym Memberships Are Outdated

Gyms are trying to get more creative as to how they attract and keep membership. Even if they don’t want to keep you as a member coming through the doors, they want to keep your money. It’s better for them if you pay for your membership, but don’t show up. Their equipment lasts longer due to little utilization, so more money stays in their coffers since they aren’t maintaining their equipment regularly. Less liability, lower energy usage, less staff needed on hand, so failing New Years resolutions can be big business for gyms. With all the technology at your fingertips with how to work out without the need for heavy burdensome gym equipment, it begs the question why do we do this to ourselves and is there a better way? 

There are so many options to get a great workout without the need of leaving the comfort of your own home. Apps like Home Workout or 30 Day Six Pack Abs lets you complete intense workouts without the need for gym equipment, using normal household items and your own strength. Gym memberships have become outdated with so many other technological options.

Get Your Own Equipment for Cheap

There is an argument to be had that you can’t get the type of gains someone who is looking to pack on muscles, without the proper equipment. For that very legitimate argument, one could say purchasing your own equipment would save you tons and tons of money over the long run. Cross-fit is one of the more popular workouts if you’re looking to shred fat and muscles. You could buy the TRX home Suspension Trainer Basic Kit & Door Anchor for $149.3 It’s an all-in-one full body home workout. You can use it indoors, or if you’re one of the hardcore people that need to work out while on vacation or camping, it comes with travel and outdoor setup options. It is the bestselling, safest training system and comes with guides to help you on your path. 

Maybe you’re looking for something simpler, like a set of dumbbells to get you started. You can get a starter set of 20 pound dumbbells for $25. Curling dumbbells is something that can be done while watching TV and waiting for commercials to end. You can be toning and be lazy at the same time. It’s not a requirement to go after the bigger, more expensive fancy equipment like Bo-Flex, treadmills, stationary bikes, etc. You can buy very inexpensive equipment that is sure to get the job done and save you thousands. If you are looking for bigger equipment, maybe looking at refurbished equipment would be your best bet.

Consider Refurbished Equipment

So you want to get in the best shape of your life and get the best results from the equipment you use at the gym. You don’t want to keep paying for the gym membership and the equipment is far too expensive to purchase. Your best bet may be looking into refurbished gym equipment. You’ll want to take a look at Certified Pre-owned Fitness Equipment if you go this route. Equipment gets expensive very fast, and for an overall great body workout, you’ll need different machines. Purchasing refurbished equipment provides the variety you’ll need to get your ideal workout.4 Sometimes, you’ll even receive the exact same quality products as you’d find in the gym, but save a bundle. One could very easily achieve the same standards as a professional health club without feeling the pains of going broke to achieve your goals.






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