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Now that winter is here, it is the perfect time to plan a ski vacation to the mountains this New Year. Skiing not only offers you a great time but you can get a physical workout, explore nature and see some of the most gorgeous scenes around the world. Sometimes skiing can be very expensive, is there a way to cut back on expenses?

Don’t let the thought of expenses lead to think that skiing or snowboarding is not worth it, you can enjoy your time skiing with your family and loved ones no matter what. There are many ways that you could save money while planning your skiing vacation. If you search online and look for promotions and deals to the places you want to visit, you will be able to find the best deal in no time. Here are a few that will have you saving enough for you to enjoy your winter vacation.

Château Beauvallon in Quebec

Looking to spend your ski vacation somewhere other than the U.S., well Canada is a great place to choose your winter vacation. They offer skiers many different locations that they could choose from and the travel time is shorter than you think. Another great benefit about Canada is that it is affordable for a vacation and is one of the most beautiful countries to visit. Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains offers the best ski destination at Mont Tremblant.

An amazing hotel to stay at is Château Beauvallon1 which is located near Mont Tremblant and offers four star hotel service. They are offering deals on anyone that creates a reservation, you could save 25% on your price if you stay for at least 4 nights.2 You could be saving at least $50 a night and be paying $200 instead of $250, this is an amazing savings that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Don’t feel like staying 4 nights? Well luckily you can still save because Château Beauvallon is offering 20% off if you stay for at least three nights and if you are looking to stay one or two nights then you could get a discount up to 15%.

Every room in the Château Beauvallon is a suite which includes a balcony, multiple rooms, heated floored bathrooms and a kitchen. The hotel also offers an indoor pool, spas and workout gyms that you can enjoy at any time.

Keystone Resort in Colorado

Want to spend your ski vacation in the states, well Keystone Resort3 in Colorado offers you many ski routes on three mountains. The resort spans over a wide region and offers you many lodgings at different prices, there is even a few that are under $160 a night. If you are looking to take your family to this resort then you will have no problem as they are family friendly. They even offer children under 12 free skiing and sometimes will throw in a percentage off of your stay or a free yoga class.4

There are many activities that you can participate in such as ice skating, snowboard and skiing lessons, sleigh rides, snowmobiling and various activities for kids. If you end up staying here you will get free transportation around the grounds and offers everything from restaurants to spas.

Solitude Mountain Resort in Utah

The Solitude Mountain Resort5 is located near Salt Lake City and offers you some of the best skiing on the Wasatch Mountains. There are many lodgings that you could choose from such as townhomes, cabins, private homes and hotel rooms. Depending on which lodging you stay in you can get different amenities such as free parking, a hot tub, kitchen and Club Solitude which offers you heated swimming pools, spas, theater and a gym.

If you are looking to stay here it will cost you from $200 to close to a thousand but luckily this resort offers deals that you can’t pass up. You can sometimes be offered a free night to stay or get a discount if you bundle your lodging and ski lift pass.6 You can save hundreds by just looking for places that bundle your ski activities with your lodging.

The resort offers you different levels of difficulty for skiers and snowboarders, there is 1,200 acres that you can explore. If you are never skied or snowboarded before you don’t have to worry because the resort offers you lessons for both kids and adults. Be aware that if you want to go in February, it will be extremely crowded because of the 2019 International Ski Federation World Championship.7 But if you are a big fan of the sport then that will be a perfect time for you to go.

Tips for Your Ski Vacation

The best way for you to save money on your ski trip is to search for the best deals online and try to find bundle deals but there are many other ways that you could save money. For instance, when you bring your own skis or snowboards by sure that you check how much airlines will charge you for storing them on the plane, sometimes these prices are ridiculous so it is best to check.

If you are staying at a resort make sure that you check if you can get discounts on snow gear and equipment, most resorts will offer you a discount if you are staying with them and sometimes they will be for free. Check if your lodging has a kitchen, if so buy some groceries to help you save money by not going out to eat every meal of the day.

By booking your vacation in advance you have the opportunity to score a deal and save a lot of money. Many people try to book their vacation a couple weeks in advance and those people end up paying a lot more for the same lodging.

Well hopefully these tips and tricks will help you save money on your next ski vacation and give you a peace of mind. There are many options out there for you to choose from and the time to start searching is now. 


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