Get More Matches On Dating Apps With These Key Tips


The world is changing before our eyes and being able to navigate through these changes can become quite challenging. Technology is essentially supposed to be making life a lot easier for many, however the older we get, the more challenging the navigation becomes. Many of us don’t have the time to learn the latest and greatest in technological gizmos, gadgets and apps. We tend to stick to the technology that we know and are comfortable with, getting left behind in technological advancements in the process. This could become quite the problem socially because the world is online and we tend to want to gravitate to where the party is. If you aren’t where the party is and you are single, you’re going to miss the boat and find yourself partying on an island solo style. Long gone are the days of traditional meetings and meeting people in bars being a bad idea. People are now meeting online more than ever and finding fulfilling relationships from unlikely meetings. 

According to eharmony.com1, online dating statistics show that about 20% of couples in current, committed relationships began their relationship meeting online and just about 7% of marriages just four years ago, were between couples that met on a dating website. This is a growing trend and prompting more dating services and dating apps to spring up regularly. The different dating app options offer very different levels of experience. Some people are looking for long lasting love or even their soul mate, whereas some people may just be looking for some fun and a quick hookup. We don’t really frown upon the quick hookup apps like we use to. If you think about it, they’ve been around since AOL chat rooms. Now, they are less taboo as the sexual revolution rolls on.

For the people who are looking for something more meaningful and long term, online dating apps that pair you with like-minded people may be the way to go. Your opportunities are going to depend on how solid your online profile is looking. You’re up against some stiff competition and if you haven’t started researching or building your profile, you are already losing the game. Social Media sites like Instagram and Facebook focus heavily on pictures and lifestyles. Looking at other people social media pages may become very intimidating, especially if you’re more of a home body than an outgoing, adventurous socialite. This isn’t a green light to portray something you are not. Be who you are and portray that lifestyle. You want the people you attract, to be attracted to you and not someone you created out of desperation. That will be an exhausting façade to keep up. Here are a few great ideas to think about when creating your online profile that may actually get you more matches on online dating apps.


Choose a Better Profile Picture

The first thing that hits people’s vision is the first impression they are left with when they leave that moment. That moment can make or break any opportunity. If you are walking down the street and see a man in an outlandish suit, you make judgments about that person regardless if you intend to or not. That impression stays with you. If you walk past a very attractive person, that impression stays with you as well. There’s a popular saying in business that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. This is why that first impression must represent your best foot forward. Even if it’s a broken foot, it may be time to bedazzle. This is why your profile picture should be your best foot forward. This doesn’t mean justify photo shopping. 

Once you meet your soul mate online, there’s still the matter of meeting them in person. You don’t want to show up looking like a completely different person. But you do want to catch your ideal type’s attention. So act as if you are trying to land a job interview. It’s not sexy to think of dating like a job interview, but in actuality, that’s how it is. Questions are tossed back and forth, you get an idea of how the person would react in certain situations, if they’d fit in your ideal relationship environment and if want to partner with them long term. Your profile picture is the first thing people will see to establish if they want an interview or not. So make it count.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Yourself in Your Bio

Writing out your Bio for your online dating profile is a great opportunity to brag about yourself a little bit and paint the picture as to why you are better than any other option on the dating site. You get to describe why you stand out from the rest of the pack. Talk about something very interesting that when you finally land a date, the person would be interested in hearing more about. Don’t give away too much so you have more to offer when you do sit down in person. 

When you do sit down in person, you won’t want to talk too much about yourself, so sound very interesting in your bio and approach your date as if you are enamored with them and their bio. This will make you seem very caring and engaged, while remaining somewhat mysterious since the other person did most of the talking from your amazing questions. They may be so mesmerized, they don’t even realize they didn’t get enough from you and want a follow up to learn more.

Stay as Active as Possible

Once you have your ideal apps and profiles set up, stay active and keep up with your pages. Many social media apps function off of algorithms, which look at things like activity. If you are very active on your pages and profiles, you’ll stay on top of the searches. Not to mention, you’ll look a heck of a lot more interesting to other active participants of the dating sites.

Be Open to New Dating Apps

Don’t be too intimidated to venture out to other and newer dating app sites. Technology is always advancing and matching algorithms are becoming far more sophisticated the more we learn about what works and what doesn’t. There are many apps that pop up on a regular basis and they may have better results for what you’re looking for. Not to mention, lower traffic which could work in your favor.

Take a look at these new dating apps that are introducing people to alternative ways to date and find matches:

Bumble2 has changed the way people date, find old and new friends and the overall perception of meeting online. This app is designed to only let women make the first move.

Huggle is an app that matches like-minded people who may frequent the same locations.

There are many more apps out there that can you get started meeting new people and changing your perspective on meeting your soul mate online. 




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