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Great Gym Equipment Deals That Will Make You Reconsider A Gym Pass


Looking to get in shape for 2019? Well you may be thinking that a gym membership is the best choice for you. You are going to be spending a good amount of money to get in shape at the gym but according to USA Today1 , 67% of gym memberships are never used. So what is the point of spending hundreds of dollars on a gym membership? You can spend that amount of money on some gym equipment that you can have in your home. This way you will be able to work out whenever you feel like, have a private gym in your home with no worries and equipment that you know will last you a long time.

There are many fitness equipment companies that are offering great deals on amazing equipment that will get you in shape in no time. Some of these machines might be expensive but the investment is worth it.

No Need for Gym Memberships

Yes, there is a lot of people who sign up for a gym membership, the problem is if there are enough machines available and taking the trip just to get to the gym. It is sometimes hard for people to be able to make it to the gym depending on where they live. They could live very far making it difficult to squeeze in a session at the gym. Many gyms do not keep track of the amount of memberships they are selling which could lead to overcrowding. When you do manage to find a machine that is open, you discover that they are completely revolting as there are many people that sweat everywhere. If you are someone that doesn’t do well with germs that buying your won equipment is the best choice for you. According to Business Insider2, more than 70% of germs found on exercising equipment at gyms at very dangerous.

Not all gyms keep their equipment up to date, this leads to equipment breaking and you not being able to use the best machines on the market. You are also paying hundreds of dollars a year for a gym membership, what is the point if they don’t update their equipment? That is why buying your own machines makes sense. While the gym does offer you trainers and workout plans, you could find both online very easily.

Get the Best Equipment at an Affordable Price

A good amount of people are buying workout equipment for their home and starting to get away from gym memberships. Although gym equipment can be expense, you could find the right deals that could cost you less than a year’s payment at the gym. There are many options that you could choose from such as getting a treadmill for around $500 or a workout station that could cost you around $200. Reebok offers you the Professional Deck Workout Bench which you could do many workout exercises in just one bench and it is at an affordable price of $124. There are many deals such as these where you could be saving hundreds of dollars.

When it comes to the durability of these workout machines they will last you up to 7 years and if you maintain the machine throughout its lifetime then it could even last longer. Getting equipment in your home is worth the investment you will be spending only a year’s worth of a gym membership but end up with having a machine that will last you up to 7 years.

You get the benefit of saving both a lot of money and time after buying gym equipment for your home. You don’t have to worry about driving to the gym anymore and you will be saving money on gas as well, for some people the gym is not close to their home at all. You have the comforts of your home as well when you are working out, you can take a shower in your own bathroom and without dealing with another people’s germs.

If you are someone that doesn’t have room in their home for gym equipment you could consider buying a free weight set. This allows you to store the weights where ever you please without taking up a lot of room, there are also treadmills that will fold up for minimal storage space. If you are looking to purchase gym equipment then January is the perfect time to buy according to Wise Bread.3 Prices are better at this time of the year because of everyone’s new outlook on making themselves in shape for the next year. Another time to look out for gym equipment is around the beginning of summer since everyone wants to get in shape and spend time outside stores discount their prices according to Livestrong.4

Look into Refurbished Equipment and Plan on Making a Purchase

Wanting to purchase a machine that is going to cost you a couple of hundred but don’t feel like spending the money well there is another option for you to go with and that is getting refurbished equipment. There are many places where you could find used gym equipment and some stores even offer protection on their used items. Make sure to check out the used equipment that you are going to buy, do you research and see if the person that is selling it has a good reputation.

Luckily nowadays you are able to work out at home without going to your local gym and dealing with the mass amount of people. With buying your own gym equipment you could invite a couple of buddies over to have your own personal workout session. You could also hire a personal trainer to come over to help you get a little bit more motivation. Make sure to look online for the best deals and compare the prices and which equipment will best suit your needs. Start searching today and building your gym at home.






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