Here Are The 5 Ways You’re Damaging Your Skin Without Knowing


The lengths we go for youthful radiating skin can get downright outrageous at times. According to webmd.com1, our skin is our largest organ of our body with about 20 square feet of area used. It’s a protective covering from nature’s elements, it helps with the regulation of body temperature and allows us to feel different sensations. Most importantly, if well maintained, it’ll help with the stroking of our egos. Moving through life with the feeling of flawless skin can radiate confidence outwards. This most likely points to the reason we are willing to spend so much and go through unreal lengths to make sure our skin is well taken care of. Taking a look at the cosmetic industry on statista.com2 will provide information on the 62.46 billion dollar industry with skincare products making up the largest portion of the cosmetic market at 37% and 16% for makeup. 

People are willing to freeze their face muscles for the appearance of youthful features with Botox. The social media craze has people going to the extremes to do whatever they can to maintain that youthful look. You can go to Instagram or Facebook and you will never see a shortage of beautiful twenty or thirty something people hitting the right angles in the perfect lighting with magical filters to make them not look a day over nineteen. The honesty blatantly missing from most of these posts is not lost on most, but completely ignored. We want to believe people look how they appear on their social media because we need to believe there is a way to get back to that kind of perfect youth. The problem is most of what we see people doing that makes them seem so youthful and beautiful, is having the exact opposite affect and causing more harm than good.

For instance, you may see that beautiful youthful glow radiating from bodies on the beach. The sun is out, young looking people are abound, soaking up the sun rays looking gold and beautiful as ever. Unbeknownst to many, that sun is cooking your skin and exposing you to potential skin diseases such as cancer. Maybe you see advertisements of young people partying, smoking and drinking, but they look so awesome and the environment they are in looks like a lot of fun. However, they are giving their skin a double whammy with smoking and drinking. That’ll take your skin the opposite direction you want to go. There are many everyday activities we either are or are not doing that have a profound impact on our skin’s health. If you have dreams and aspirations of your skin staying in your mid to low twenties health for the remainder of your adult life, you may want to take a look at a few things we may all do, that is damaging our skin.


Skipping Sunscreen

It’s very easy to do when you are excited about getting to the beach and getting right to the fun, but skipping sunscreen applications can have a detrimental impact on your beautiful, healthy skin. We have all been raised understanding the risks of the sun and the importance of sunscreen protection, but still do not apply sunscreen as if our lives depended on it. Ironically enough, all of our lives depend on the appropriate application of sunscreen. Not the lowest amount possible to still give you that awesome glowing tan, but enough so the sun can’t touch your skin. This is how you’ll maintain your youthful skin. Without it, you’re opening yourself up to potential sunburn, damaged blood vessels, leathery skin and even worse, skin cancer. Protective covering and sun caps with large brims can also assist with shielding you from the sun. This may not paint the image of sexiness, but neither does the image of leathery skin and skin cancer.

Using Your Phone Regularly

The one thing all of us do on a regular basis is completely destroying our skin. We are attached to our phones at the ear and face. We take them everywhere we go, even to the bathroom sometimes. Yuk! It’s the first thing we want to see when we get up in the morning and the last thing we see before we go to bed. What we don’t realize is we don’t wash our phones regularly. Unless, you go swimming on purpose or accident of course. But we put our phones down everywhere exposing it to all kinds of germs. We touch everything, then touch our phones. Even if we washed our hands, as soon as we touch our phones, all those germs are right back on our hands. This could lead to illnesses and skin issues.

Excessive texting has also been known to lead to issues like arthritis and carpel tunnel. Carpel tunnel in your twenties is very not sexy. Use anti-bacterial wipes and give your phone a break. Your neck, eyes and body will thank you for it.


Smoking is a no-brainer. If you haven’t seen the commercials of the old people who are way younger than they look, but thanks to smoking, they caught a very curious case of Benjamin Buttons, you need to go on YouTube and watch some of those commercials. Smoking is known to have all kinds of adverse health risks and negative impacts to the body. To ruin your skin in the process doesn’t make those little cancer sticks seem all that worth it. Since part of the reason we want to preserve our skin is beauty related, it’s important to know smoking cigarettes can create the most unsexy, unattractive features. You’ll get bags under your eyes, you are more prone to chronic skin conditions, premature wrinkles (queue curious case of Benjamin Buttons), finger and teeth stained yellow, hair loss, and sores healing very slowly.

Leaving Makeup on Overnight

After a long glorious night of partying, you forgot to take your makeup off. This is a beauty tip no no. Leaving your makeup on will contribute to bad skin conditions, clogged pores and excess skin cell turnover. If you already have pre-existing skin conditions, this could be exasperated by leaving makeup on overnight. If this is a habit that is unavoidable, maybe look into organic makeup with built in moisturizers.

Drinking Alcohol

Rounding out our list of beauty destroyers is something many of us enjoy regularly, especially if you have kids. Drinking alcohol in excess could lead to all kinds of skin problems. It can impact healthy collagen and lose the ability to fight off attacks to the skin membranes. It’ll also dry the skin out of its nutrients needed to maintain skin health. You’ll speed up the aging process and develop adult onset acne. Probably not the prettiest look.

Best Practices for Skin Care

Just make sure to lather up before hitting that sun, wash your face nightly before bed time and keep your skin well moisturized. You’ll love yourself more for it. 




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