Here Are The Best Website Builders of 2018


Do you have aspirations of owning your own business? Maybe you have a passion that you’d like to share with the world, whether you can monetize it or not. The key to your business’, or any business for that matter, success is your ability to market your product. What is marketing exactly you ask? That is an important question and the first question you should ask when thinking about how to get your passion through the vehicle of business out to the world. According to thebalancesmb.com1, marketing is teaching consumers why they should choose your product or service over those of your competitors. On the first day of marketing 101 college courses, you may learn marketing includes all processes that are required in getting a product or service from manufacturer to consumer. So whatever your passion turned product is, marketing is how you are going to get your product from your head to the consumers and getting the consumers money from their pockets to yours. If you are not finding ways to get your product out to the people, then you are not engaged in marketing, and your product will fail.

There are many different types of marketing in which aspiring business owners can engage their businesses. More old school methods that are still used today are Print, radio and television marketing campaigns. These are considered old school methods because of the new marketing roads created by the internet and the popularity of Social Media. A major part of marketing is tapping into your demographics. Those are the people who will more than likely purchase your product not only once, but regularly. These are the people you need to reach often and stay in the forefront of their brains in order to keep their business. This is what your competitor is doing, so if you want a shot at your business hitting that Forbes list, you need to follow suit. Print, radio and TV are right up there with direct mail. All of these older methods are great combined, but could be a waste by themselves, as a majority of the world is online.


Consumers opt for paperless billing because they don’t want paper in the mail. So direct mailers or print ads get tossed or glossed over pretty quick. People DVR or direct TV what they want to watch to avoid commercials, so TV ads could be a waste, as it may not reach the optimal audience. With the explosion of online music subscription services and people growing distain for music on the radio, radio ads may also be a waste. More popular forms of marketing are going to be online. Whether it’d be through email services, online subscription services, or even word of mouth via social media. The world is online and that’s where marketing focus should be. You’ll need a hub for people to return back to in order to find your product once tapped online. This is where your website is going to carry you to the finish line for your online business.

It can’t just be any website your buddy made down the street. It needs to be professional and convey your image right away. An online website is crucial because you can list your product directly on your website, bypassing the need for distributors. Once you have regular distribution through your website, bigger distributors will come knocking, asking for your business. A website won’t only work for businesses with products to sell. It could work if you were interested in a private practice, sharing paintings, music, walking or babysitting animals, etc. The sky is the limit and a website grants people the opportunity to peer through your universe. So how do you get started on your new website? Take a look at these website builders for some great direction as to where to get started.


A popular name in website building is Wix. If you go to, you have two ways to get started on your website: You can get a free website designed for you with Wix Artificial Design Intelligence or get total design freedom with the Wix Editor. You also will have the capability to add advanced functionality to your website with Wix Code. The platform will allow users to create HTML5 websites automatically designed to work on both mobile devices and desktops. Some pros of choosing Wix for your website creation are it is an established and reputable brand, provides free domains and complete customization. Some cons are if you choose the free version, you’ll have advertisements, you’ll have limited bandwidth on less costly subscriptions and website builder app is available on the more expensive subscription.


According to godaddy.com2, GoCentral Website Builder is very straightforward and the most simple way to build a brilliant website. They want you to get your ideas out to the world for all to see, and they want to prove their website building is the best out there. They allow you to start building a free website to you can test out their services. They offer the ability to be found on google, you can edit your site on pretty much any device and you can offer your customers peace of mind by protecting their visits with free SSL. You can get started by opening a 30-day free trial GoDaddy account. Pros of Godaddy are it’s the world’s leading hosting service with a comprehensive range of services. The platform is built to get businesses online in under an hour. Social media management and search engine optimization are included. Cons of Godaddy are the website themes can be pretty basic. You have to pay more for e-commerce integration. And Unfortunately, users can’t switch themes without losing their content.


Squarespace is a household name in website building. It’s garnered much attention and market share in the website building space in the last few years. They have recently added the capability for all users to register domains and host their website on Squarespace. They boast of award-winning templates and the ability for new users to look like experts right out the gate. Squarespace costs depend on the services you are looking for. Subscribers are known to save more if they pay annually as opposed to monthly. Start your free trial and check out some of the pros of Squarespace. For instance, there are no transaction fees for premium e-commerce websites. You will enjoy integration with useful accounting tools, label printers, and inventory management. Regardless of your level of subscription, your package will include unlimited pages, SSL encryption, and many other great features. Some of the cons are you get what you pay for. It’s a premium tool offered at higher prices. Which means only the more expensive plans support customization.

If you want to market like the big boys and strengthen your path to success, it’s time to start looking into starting your new website. 





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