Here’s Why You Should Hire An Attorney


All of us had to pass through that proverbial adolescence stage through this wild journey we call life. Unfortunately, everyone was not lucky enough to escape the youthful nightmare unscathed. You may have found yourself on the wrong side of Johnny Law. According to Childtrends.org1, our prison population between the ages of 18 and 29 is upward to about 780,000. That is three quarters of a million people between18 and 29. Some of us were lucky enough to dodge that bullet. Many people haven’t had to experience the pains of being defended by an individual who’s been well-versed in American Laws and the language that surrounds the laws. 

The Law is a completely different language and like most languages we don’t speak, we’ll need interpreters. That is the role lawyers play in many instances. They have been trained to avoid pitfalls and decipher coded language hidden deep within subtext. Unless you’ve done your fair share of studying and research about law, leave it to the professionals. Hopefully, you will never find yourself down the road of requiring representation. However, in the unfortunate circumstances that you do, this article will provide you with why you should hire an attorney as opposed to going it alone or going with a public defender.


First you have to ask yourself:

Do You Need an Attorney?

The answer to this question is, if you are facing any type of legal action, absolutely. An attorney will guide you through the muddy waters of the law and keep you from getting caught up in gotchas. Many times, prosecution is looking for a slam dunk and will trap you into guilt, even if you’re innocent. Nine times out of ten, the prosecuting attorney is a lot smarter than we are. If you’ve been arrested for any type of crime, you may need to start looking for legal representation if you want to stay from behind bars.

If you’ve been served with any kind of lawsuit, your best bet is to search for legal representation. You can do it yourself of course, but like nolo.com2 says, Lawyers spend so much of their lives perfecting their questioning of witnesses, presenting compelling evidence, and making arguments on behalf of their clients in a courtroom or respective venue. If you plan to represent yourself, which is ill-advised, you’ll need to learn the ropes and how to follow the procedures. The odds of you winning may not be as great, but you’d save money if you won.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, if you are facing a sudden family change and need representation, dramatic financial status changes or facing property damage, these are all very important and relevant reasons to hire an attorney to represent you in court. The last thing you’re going to want is to be left high and dry, defending yourself and trying to defend all of the money you’d lose in a loss. Here are some more very valid reasons to why you should hire an attorney.

You Have Little Legal Know-How

Unless you passed the bar, or at least started studying for it, you may be ill-equipped to standup in a courtroom against the prosecution. Your legal prowess is going to be far below even a public defender, who gets bad reps many of the time. You won’t know the procedures, when you’ll need to file motions, deadlines, who to speak to, to get movement through the justice engine, which could be slow at times, costing you more money in the long run.

Your Opponent Hired an Attorney

If you opponent hired an attorney, odds are you’re going to lose if you do not follow suit. To go up against a trained attorney, is similar to going up against a professional athlete in their sport of choice. If you are 155 lbs when wet, it would be ill advised to go head to head with a New England Patriots lineman. Some individuals have been programmed and trained to be excellent in their field. Civilians are normally not that inquisitive when it comes to the law, outside of being snared by its fringes. By then, it is too late to go up against someone who’s been doing it for a decade.

Before You Sign a Contract or Agreement

In legal contracts and agreements, there is all kinds of snares and traps to make you legally liable for any breaches. They are written by attorneys in attorney language. Unless you have an attorney to decipher the language, you may find yourself in compromising situations for having misunderstood a sentence or phrase. Attorneys are there to answer the question “so what does this mean”? They will set you straight and make sure you’re not inadvertently signing your soul away. If you are going into business with anyone that would be a great time for both parties to have attorneys involved to protect all parties.

Don’t Wait – Hire an Attorney Today

If you’re in any type of legal debacle, there is no time better than now to find an attorney who will represent your best interests. Don’t wait because the other side won’t. Make sure to find the right person who can help you navigate a world you don’t understand, and protect you, your family and your future.

How to Find The Right Attorney

There are many ways to find an attorney. You can visit websites like nolo.com3 and They have selections of lawyers that could provide assistance for any type of legal battle. Forbes.com5 says you can try your local bar association’s lawyer referral services. That’s a great way lawyers in the area around you. 







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