Home Decorating On A Budget

One glance at a reality based home makeover show is enough to make anyone jealous. If you have been holding off of a big project because of price, then now is the time to act. Home decorating is a cheap process if you plan ahead. Incredible designs on a budget are a possibility, and the only thing you need is a little bit of imagination. Having a few extra hands to help with the project is also a nice addition, but not necessary.

Be Creative

Repurposing old items is the best way to decorate a home on a budget. The hardest part of the creative process is done, so you’re left with the fun part. Cleaning and updating an item is a lot quicker than building it from scratch. Repurposing items will also save you a ton of money in materials. An old coffee table can become the new centerpiece of your living room for only the cost of paint and cleaning materials. While you’re in creative mode, think of the theme you want for a room even if you plan on doing one item. Doing so will affect how you handle future projects for that specific area.

Used vs. New

Now there is a little bit of pushback from both sides on this issue. Used vs. New is an argument that never seems to end. The pros of buying used is that you will save a ton of money. When you get a used product you miss out on a warranty, which for many people is too big of a con to ignore. Some brands have transferrable warranties, but not as many as you’d think. Buying new is recommended if you want a warranty, and also for matching up sets of furniture. If you don’t get an entire used set in one, there is no guarantee that you will find the companion items later. This kills a lot of deals and further pushes consumers to buy new, and more expensive items. In between used and new, both sides can agree on a gray area. Used products should be your priority if you don’t need to match up sets. New products are your priority for sets and if you need a warranty. In addition to new products, try to get them during big sales where their original price is lowered. This often happens when the seasons change and the brand needs to put out new styles.

Learning The DIY Lifestyle

Take the time to think about that piece of Ikea furniture that you wanted to buy. Now take the time to think- what made it so special? If you can answer this question, then replicating that piece of furniture will be a piece of cake. Popular pieces have plenty of guides online detailing the materials, size and cost of completing it from scratch. You can make an entire living room set with minimal experience. Knowing how to work with your hands is a plus, so don’t take on a project that is out of your league. Making a decorative pillow case is a lot different than creating a canopy. Written and video guides will take you through all the necessary steps to create anything you want from start to finish.

Stick To Your Budget

The biggest money sink of home decorating is going off of your listed budget. You don’t have to do everything in one project, and there is nothing wrong with putting a project on hold. Home decorating is all about making your vision a reality. Saving money is a byproduct of a good vision, and a well thought out planning. 

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