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Home Insulation Is The Solution For Less Money And Energy


When you think about saving money or something that will help you cut back on energy bills people don’t often think about home insulation. With home insulation you are able to either contain heat or cool air within your home anytime of the season. Just by installing this, your home electricity bill will drop dramatically, saving you money for a long time.

Why wouldn’t you want to spend less money on energy? According to Energy Star,1 people who get home insulation in their home save around 20% off of each monthly electric bill. This could save you a good amount of cash to maybe take the family out for a vacation. With insulation you won’t be spending money on something that is only going to save you money for a short amount of time. Insulation will last you a good amount of time and is a great investment to add to your home. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of home insulation.

Environments and Time

If you are looking to install some insulation in your home, it is good to look at when you plan to do it. If you are living in a hotter environment, it would be a great choice to install insulation right before your summer starts. This would save you massive amounts of money during the summer as the insulation will help the cool air stay inside while the hot air stays outside. Insulation works for cold environments just the same as your hot environments so it helps you throughout the whole year.

Pretty much anytime is a good time to install insulation in your home.

Variants of Insulation

When it comes to home insulation there are many types that are available, this depends on what kind of environment you live in and how old your house is. With the many types it is sometimes hard to decide, here is a list of the most bought insulation:

Batts and Blankets

With batts and blankets you are getting the most common insulation, these are mostly made with fiberglass and are usually in your attic. This is a very standard insulation.

Loose fill

With loose fill you are still getting a common insulation, this comes in a loose form to help get into smaller spaces. This material is also made of fiberglass and is not too much different from batts and blankets.

Foam Insulation

Foam insulation is a more sufficient way of doing home insulation, to install this into your home you have to have it sprayed with the use of polyurethane. There are many reasons why foam insulation is used it is easier to install and is best for foundation.

Rigid Foam Board

With rigid foam board you are getting something new that is being put into new homes. You will not find rigid foam board in your older homes and is usually only installed into new homes during construction. This is a new method that is saving money and has many useful purposes.

Reflective or Radiant Barriers

With this method, anyone who is living in an area where is gets either too hot or cold will benefit from it greatly. Reflective or radiant barriers help keep both warm and cold air within the home, this is useful for some of the harshest climates.


So you have decided to go forward with adding some insulation to your home but you are not sure how it’s installed. When installing insulation is could sometimes be a real pain especially when the house doesn’t have any insulation. This could lead to months of renovation but luckily there are many contractors out there that will certain parts of your home such as your bedroom. This will help with the cost and time of the project and even though it is only one room this could make a huge difference for your home.

Even though some people might need to knock down all of their walls and rip up both ceilings and floors, the end result is going to be worth it. Not only are you getting a better insulated home but you are saving money and making your home worth more at the same time.


Before you decide to get insulation in your home, it is good to see how much everything is going to cost. Installing insulation is an investment into your home, they are not the cheapest to do but you will end up seeing the money in the long run. You will have to account for the insulation itself and for someone to install it for you, luckily the prices for insulation are not too different from each other. The factor that mostly changes the price is what type of insulation you want in your home.

Another factor that may change the price is the space in which you want to insulation in, this varies from room to room. According to HomeAdvisor2 they have concluded that wall insulation cost an average of $1 a foot and roof insulation will cost you around $1,500. They have also reported that if you’re looking to insulate your garage it will cost around $200 and something like an attic will cost up to $300.

The Benefits

When you install insulation in your home you are going to notice a significant difference in your comfort level and the amount of money you will be saving. If you have insulation when it comes it to the weather either being too cold or hot, you will not have to worry about turning on your AC or heater within your house. This will save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bills with just investing your money into insulation.

The comfort that you will gain from insulation will change your perspective on what it can exactly do. When your home is well insulated it helps with keeping the temperature of the house be at a comfortable level. The insulation helps with keeping the outside elements from entering inside the house, this means when there is a very strong cold wind coming in your house temperature will not be affected by this. This is vice versa for heat situations.

Start Searching

There are so many factors that are positive if you end up insulating your home from saving money to the comforts of your home. Why wouldn’t you want to save some energy to save this planet and save money at the same time? There are many contractors out there willing to help you insulate your home, it is an investment that will change your home the moment you install it.

One of the easiest ways to start looking is through the internet, there are many contractors that are online showing there offers and promotions. Since there are a variety of them make sure to compare each one with each other’s prices. The best time to start searching is now, look for the best insulation for your home.




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