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How To Find Affordable Senior Storage


Making the decision to move into a senior living community is often a liberating experience. Not only do senior living communities provide a safe environment, but you also have the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy leisure activities. However, moving out of your family home can be a daunting task, particularly if you need to find storage for your belongings and furniture. 

Senior living facilities often have limited space for their residents' personal items, and some states even have limits imposed by law. Although this can create a logistical nightmare for you and your family, it's important to remember that there are options available that don't involve giving away or selling sentimental possessions — using a professional storage facility to store your treasured possessions safely.

If you're planning on storing your belongings when you move into a senior living community, it's crucial to find a reputable senior storage facility. Seniors tend to have different storage needs to the general population, so finding a good senior storage facility that understands your specific requirements is vital.

Senior Storage Facilities

Seniors storage needs often require that their chosen facility can safely store a lifetime's worth of keepsakes, furniture, and important personal items. This usually requires a large and secure storage unit that is easily accessible.

As many seniors live on a fixed retirement income, finding an affordable storage unit is particularly important — especially if professional moving costs also need to be factored into the budget. Due to the individual circumstances that impact senior storage needs, it's important to know what to look for to find the most appropriate facility.

Top 4 Things to Look for When Finding A Senior Storage Unit


Storing a lifetime of precious items and furniture can cause an untold amount of anxiety, so it's crucial that you know your belongings are in safe hands. It's important to find out whether the storage facility offers extra-secure storage options for valuable items such as jewelry, art, or military medals.


Seniors often live on a set budget, which makes affordability an important factor when finding a storage unit facility. Some seniors may be able to take advantage of veterans' discounts; however, if you're not a veteran, don't worry — many storage facilities offer deals such as your first month of storage free. Be sure to look around for deals that could save you money.


Oftentimes seniors find that their storage needs change once they're settled into their senior residential living facility. This may be due to moving items into their new home, or finding that they no longer require items that they thought they did initially. Having the flexibility to change the size of your storage unit easily is not only convenient, but it can also reduce your storage costs if you need to downsize.


If you don't have family members nearby who can help you move your belongings in and out of your storage unit, you could be forced to hire professional movers, which can be costly. Fortunately, some storage facilities offer a valet service to help you move items in and out of your storage unit. This can be an invaluable help for many seniors, so be sure to ask any facility you're considering whether they offer this service.

How To Find An Affordable Senior Storage Facility

Finding the ideal senior storage unit can be a daunting task, so it's vital to give yourself plenty of time to research potential companies.

One of the easiest ways to start your search is to go online and look up local storage facilities that are within a convenient distance for you or a family member you trust. Make a note of the site's amenities while also considering their prices, level of security, and flexibility.

Once you have a shortlist of storage unit facilities that meet your needs and budget, it's essential to make an appointment and visit them to ensure they're still right for you. You should take this opportunity to also speak to the site manager and ask them about price structures, their lease policies, and whether they currently have any offers or discounts available.,

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