How to Find the Best Deals on Engagement Rings


When people think about getting an engagement ring, they tend to think that they have to be spending thousands of dollars but this isn’t true. You can save a lot with these couple of tips and you can spend the remaining money that you would have spent on your honeymoon. Why wouldn’t you want to save money when it comes to getting an engagement ring?

You may think that getting a great deal on an engagement ring means that the diamond cut isn’t the best but this is not true most of the time. Jewelers often try to pull some tricks on you so that you go with the more expensive choice. Luckily we are here to show you the tips and tricks when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring.

Be Aware of What You Are Buying

When you going shopping for an engagement ring the first thing you should be thinking of is the cut of the diamond. This is where you find the most sparkle out of a diamond, and you can find a very good conditioned cut for an affordable price. Even though you are not going to be getting a pristine cut, it will still shine just as much.

Make sure that you look out when jewelers try to show you the flaws of the diamond that you are looking to get. They tend to make the flaws seem worse than they are so they are up-sale you on a more expensive ring, this is a tactic often used. Most flaws are seen with a microscope and can’t be seen with the naked eye, these diamonds are called “eye clean”. If you look for these diamonds when you go shopping you will be saving a significant amount.

Another way you can go about saving money is to pick a carat size that people don’t normally buy. For instance, most rings are half and full carat rings. If you search for a .91 carat ring or a .30 carat ring you can save around 20% off of the price. By just asking for an unusual size, you could have hundreds on a ring that is going to look and feel exactly the same.

Shop Online

If you start searching online for an engagement ring you can save money because online jewelers have more leeway to charge you less. The best thing to do is take a look at a jeweler store near you and get an idea on what ring your significant other will love. Then take a look online and find rings that are somewhat similar to what you want to get. Companies such as James Allen have amazing looking diamonds for an affordable price and you don’t have to deal with a salesman, everything is at a set price. Make sure that you stay away from big named companies as they will be selling their rings for around the same price as storefronts.

Be sure that you shop for engagement rings at the right time because you can save hundreds. People often like popping the question around November through February and during this time prices are the highest. If you can your ring any other time you will be saving big time and if you really want to propose during the expensive timeframe, buy the ring beforehand.

Another great option to save money is to not go with a diamond and go with something else. There are many options that you could choose from that will be just as beautiful and will have you hundreds in the process. You can go with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other hard gemstones that will stand out more than a traditional diamond. If your significant other loves a certain color you can find a gemstone that they will love. If you want to find the best deals on affordable engagement rings then start searching today!!

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