How To Quit Smoking And Improve Your Smile


Smoking is one of the biggest contributors to stained teeth. Combined with coffee, it can turn even the prettiest smile discolored. Getting your smile back takes time, and the first step will always be to drop problem products. If smoking is stopping you from having the smile you want, here are some things to help you get started.

Avoid Things That Make You Smoke

There are plenty of triggers that cause a person to pick up a cigarette. Hanging around other smokers, stress and boredom are some of the main ones. Habits are the hardest to break for smokers, so stay away from situations that get you in the mood to smoke. Make a list of the times in a day where you want to smoke the most to highlight some of your larger triggers. It doesn’t have to be a comprehensive list, but it should be long enough to help you identify a pattern. This is your starting point to getting better teeth. Once you are aware of what makes you smoke, staying away from the triggers becomes slightly easier.

Exercise More

Exercising will combat the triggers stress and boredom. Whenever you feel either one of these two coming on, start exercising. Cardio is the best for this since it will improve your stamina, something that is drastically reduced from smoking. You don’t have to go on a special diet to make this work, it is all about workout out stress and filling in space when you’re bored. Doing this for a few weeks will show massive improvements in your health while getting rid of the urge to smoke. Replace an unhealthy habit with a healthy one to see results that will last a lifetime.

Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

If you were smoking and only brushing your teeth once or twice daily, then prepare to ramp it up a bit. Getting rid of smoke stains will take a while, but not brushing regularly will make it take longer. Here are some tips; start off by rinsing with a teeth whitener, then brush, then finish with mouthwash. This three-step process only takes 2-4 minutes and will freshen your mouth in ways you’ve never imagined. It will also give your teeth a nice boost that is noticeable within the first week of using. You can also stick to brushing and using other whitening products, but this three-step process is cheap yet effective.

Stay Away From Other Tobacco Products

The urge to fill the nicotine craving with other tobacco products will be strong, but try to avoid it. Using an e-cigarette won’t stop the damage that tobacco does to your teeth. Using the patch is okay, nicotine gum is not. If you want to speed up the process of whitening your teeth, then lighten up any dark drink you have. Teas, coffee’s and any dark drinks can have just as damaging an effect on your teeth as cigarettes. Adding creamer to coffee will dramatically reduce the staining black coffee does.

It Is Okay To Fail

You may fail once, twice or multiple times afterwards. But that is okay! The choice to get a whiter smile is a journey that has multiple paths. Stay strong and you will get the teeth that you deserve. Alternative professional options exist if you need a quicker fix to whiten your teeth. Professional teeth whitening works faster and has results that are more dramatic. It still requires you to stop smoking to keep that great smile afterwards, so don’t think of professional teeth whitening as a shortcut. Find the best way to quit, and stained teeth will never be a problem again. 

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