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As we age, little things that we took for granted, such as mobility and independence, become much more difficult to upkeep. Our priorities evolve over time to reflect our current needs, which often includes simple day to day tasks. Fortunately, comfortable and luxury senior apartment options are available for people who need some support in their older age. Whether your needs are based on your mobility, your health requirements, or any other factors that affect your quality of life, there is an accommodation type to suit you!

Retirement Homes

Retirement homes tend to be a good option for seniors who want to remain independent and enjoy an active social life. Typically they consist of condominiums or apartments, and also have trained medical staff on standby ready to help the residents with their needs. Often retirement homes plan social events and clubs for residents to enjoy, and this can further encourage a rewarding social environment. From a mental health standpoint, this is particularly beneficial for seniors, as according to the National Council on Aging, social isolation and loneliness can increase the risk of health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Supportive Senior Housing

For seniors who require a more hands-on approach with every day tasks such as cooking for themselves and remembering to take their medication, supportive housing may be the ideal solution. One of the benefits of supportive housing is that the level of support given can be tailored to each person’s needs. Supportive Senior Housing is typically charged in monthly intervals, and medical assistance is also available in many places. However, it’s important to note that different supportive senior housing varies depending on the services and amenities they offer, as well as their costs. It’s crucial to research all options before you make a decision.

Long-Term Senior Care Homes

Long-term care homes typically cater to senior citizens with serious health issues and medical conditions, and they often employ at least one permanent nurse at the facility. This ensures that residents who need medical attention are treated promptly and can be helped in case of emergency. The staff in long-term senior care homes are typically trained to address their patient’s specific needs so that they can provide them with the best quality of life possible.

Long-term care homes are typically costly due to the high level of care that is required for each resident. However, there are insurance and financing options available to make the fees more feasible. For example, purchasing long-term care insurance, or including it as part of your pension package. If you qualify, you could also use Medicaid or Medicare to pay for your long-term care home stay.

Why Is Assisted Living Senior Housing Becoming So Popular?

Assisted Living Senior Housing has come a long way from where it was a few decades ago. As a shift in times and senior outlook has created a demand for a more sociable and active lifestyle, Assisted Living Senior Homes have become more reminiscent of comfortable hotels than institutions for the elderly. From wellness and education classes to excursions and social activities, modern Assisted Living Senior Homes now offer a more holistic approach to residents. For families, this often means that they receive peace of mind from knowing that their loved ones are living an active and fulfilled life while being happy and taken care of.

Are Senior Living Facilities Affordable?

According to Census.gov, by 2034, there are expected to be over 77.0 million people over the age of 65. In anticipation of this surge in the senior population, property developers are trying to meet demand by building more senior living facilities than are currently needed. Luckily for the seniors of today, this means that there is a surplus of senior living facilities, and not enough seniors now to fill them. To address this challenge, senior living facilities are offering affordable deals to help fill their vacancies and attract more residents.

Put simply; senior living facilities are now extremely affordable, as long as you are willing to do some research and find the ones that offer the best deals, and meet your needs.

If you or your loved one are considering a senior living facility, be sure to consider the amenities they offer, and the level of care that you’ll require. Aging is inevitable — but a reduction in the quality of your life doesn’t have to be.

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