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Reasons For Getting Oil Changes And How To Get The Best Deal


If you own a vehicle you know that you have to keep up with it so that it runs smooth and doesn’t break down on you. One of the most important services you have to keep up with is getting an oil change every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. Doing this will help make your vehicle's engine last longer, better gas mileage and when it comes to selling it you will get a higher value for maintaining it. It is surprising how many people don’t keep up with their oil changes when getting an oil change doesn’t even cost that much. 

Here are a couple of reasons why getting an oil change is important and how you could save some money on your next oil change.

Why You Should Keep Up On Your Oil Changes

A very important reason why you should check your oil and take your vehicle in for service is to keep your engine lubricated. By not having your engine lubricated you will run into many problems. When there is a lot of friction in the moving metal parts within the engine it creates a lot of heat that ends up expanding the metal and leaving your engine to never run the same. When it is time to get an oil change for your vehicle make sure that you actually do it so you can prevent your engine from not being lubricated. Another tip is to read your owner’s manual to find out what engine oil that you need or just take it in for service. By just checking your oil regularly and bringing your vehicle in for service when need could help the vehicle’s life last longer and save you money in the long run.1

Engine oil also has another benefit that you would have never thought of, it pretty much is a coolant for your engine, meaning that it will help cool your engine down when it gets too hot. With being able to keep up with changing your engine oil you keep your engine clean as well as keeping it at a safe temperature, which will lead to less stress and breakdowns. By changing your engine oil you are getting rid of the old, used up oil and adding new oil which is is important for your engine’s health.2

When you change your oil when needed you have the luxury of not running into as many problems and you get to save more money. By maintaining your vehicle’s engine you will have a higher value for your vehicle making it a no brainer to do. You get better gas mileage out of it as well because everything runs flawlessly, there is nothing that is hurting you in gas mileage. Keeping up with changing your oil will make you see a decrease in gas costs as well.3

If you end up buying or leasing a new vehicle, it is smart to get an extended warranty to insure that you will have any problems taken care of. But if you do not get regular oil changes when they are essential, then you could void your whole warranty in certain cases.4 Due to this, it is very important to keep up with not only your oil but other services as well to keep your vehicle running like brand new.

Getting Great Deals on Oil Changes

If you are looking to get an oil change service for your vehicle, it is best that you look around for any deals because some places can charge a lot just for an oil change. There are many ways to save money by just doing some research online or just around your local area. A great place to start looking is online for coupons, there are many businesses that offer discounts on their oil change services for people that are new to the place. By going online you will be offered many promotions that service websites will help you save some money on your next oil change.5

Make sure that you keep an eye out for businesses that are offering rewards programs, these can save you lots of money on the long run. By joining these rewards programs you will be able to accumulate points that you could spend on free services or offer discounts. By just signing up you could save money, if you want to find these businesses that have these rewards programs take a look online.

Maintain Your Vehicle

If you want to keep your vehicle’s engine running for a long time then you should consider these tips and keep up with your oil changes on a regular basis. Even though it might be a bit of money to get an oil change every couple months, you will be grateful that you did if your vehicle breaks down. The little investment that you are making now will save you thousands if you don’t keep up with oil changes. Remember that you will be getting a smoother ride and better gas mileage which could be saving you even more money.

Start looking for an oil changing service that is close and affordable if you are in need of an oil change. Luckily there are many businesses that offer an oil change for a reasonable price especially if you have looked online for coupons. Remember that maintaining your vehicle ends up saving you big bucks, be sure to check that oil and change it when needed. 







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