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It seems that now more than ever people in the United States are experiencing identity theft. Today it is easier to access your personal information because most of it is online, making it an easy grab for hackers. According to the Bureau of Justice,1 around 17.5 million individuals in the United States have dealt with identity theft. Unfortunately if hackers get any of your information, it could potentially screw up a lot of aspects in your life.

Luckily there are ways for you to avoid having your identity stolen, most of these steps being easy and simple. If you are someone who does not have any security protection on your identity than now is the perfect time for you to start searching for the right one for you. Here are some tips to help you protect your identity.

Security Software

Since everything now is on the internet, it is very important to install an anti-virus software into your computer and any mobile devices you use to check anything personal to you. By just installing this software this can significantly decrease the chance of your identity being stolen. Most of companies offering anti-virus are always working on ways to protect your device and network from any potential threats. Going through a device or network is one of the easiest ways hackers get identities with having anti-virus you are blocking anyone from getting your data.

The best aspects about anti-software is that it is relatively affordable and they regularly update their software to keep up with the hackers trying to steal. Normally there is anti-virus software out there which is free, it is recommended that you upgrade to a more advanced software so you don’t have any problems down the line.

There are many software companies to choose from but here are a few that are rating the best in their market. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is a well put together software that helps your computer prevent harmful threats and keep your computer clean. A great factor about Webroot is that they program itself is small and doesn’t take a lot to the run in the background. Webroot is available for both PC and Mac which makes it easier for people who have both. Webroot2 offer the best services to protect your assets online this includes a protective Firewall, protection from ransoms and could just cost you around $20 a year.

Another great software that is saving people a lot of problems is F-Secure Antivirus SAFE, it is very simple to use and a great choice for older people. F-Secure3 Antivirus SAFE costs $70 a year which will insure that your identity will be protected. With this software you could access programs which will help you find your lost mobile device and tools to help simplify your life.

With Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 you will be getting some of the best security to help you protect your identity. Kaspersky is a reliable company that has been around for many years, with their experience they have learned a lot about ways to protect computer and network. You will not have to worry about scanning as there is auto scanning that is running in the background. With Kaspersky4 you are getting quality customer service and software to help protect yourself, at just $30 a year millions of people are enjoying their protection.

Protection Service

It is recommended that you start searching for an identity theft protection service to enroll in, these services allow you to track and protect your identity with accuracy. They alert you if there is anything suspicious going on with your personal information. With so many companies that are determined to protect your identity and help find those stealing, you are able to live your life in peace.

Want to see the top protection services, here are a few that will help protect you from hackers.

ID Watchdog is a company that offers protective services online to monitor anything that happens to your credit and finances. They guarantee that if anything happens to your identity, they will resolve it as fast as possible. Protecting your identity will cost you but the investment is worth it. A year with ID Watchdog5 starts at $180, they also offer a premium service which goes up to $240 a year giving you better service.

If you are on a budget, a good solution for you is Identity Fraud,6 they offer a year of protection for only $100 a year. They offer many features that include social security protection, credit monitoring and protect up to $1 million. This is the perfect service for someone who is just starting their life or someone who just wants to save money.

Another great company out there is Lifelock, they are one of the biggest service protection companies out there. They offer different services that help kids and seniors keep their identity protected. They are a reliable company that promises that it will do everything to keep your data safe. Lifelock7 offers their services from $10 to $30 a month, they also will reimburse stolen assets up to $1 million.

Get Your Service Today

When it comes to protecting your identity in 2018, it is very important to get yourself an anti-virus software and enroll in an identity protection service. With just these two factors you are able to prevent the risk of your identity being stolen. With these companies to back you up, identity theft is becoming harder and harder to do. With these new programs companies are able to monitor your data 24/7, this gives you the assurance that your identity will not be touched.

It is better to make the investment in software and services than to have all your money or identity stolen. With the chances of theft being so prevalent now is the time to act and upgrade to a service that will protect you.

If you are looking for services or software make sure to compare online.








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