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Smart Home Devices To Buy This Black Friday


Are you someone who likes having the latest technology in your home? If so you should check out smart home devices that help make your life simpler. With Black Friday just around the corner you could save some money on the devices that you want and need.

There are so many devices that help you control most of the electronics in your home like home entertainment or even security purposes. Thanks to the latest technology these devices are easy to setup and are at an affordable price. If you are looking to shop on Black Friday then it is suggested that you pick up a couple of smart home devices. Here are a list of devices that could help you either protect, clean or entertain your home.

Amazon Echo

With this smart home device you are getting a speaker that allows you to talk to it for information or to control something electronic around your home. The Amazon Echo offers you the ability to change the song that you are listening to by the sound of your voice.

You are able to order anything that you want off of Amazon by just asking the Echo to do so, you just have to link up your account. You are also able to control the lights, temperature and even TV in your home. With the Alexa program you are able to ask her whatever question comes to your head, Amazon1 has stated that Alexa has more than 15,000 skills that it could perform. If you are looking to get an Amazon Echo than Black Friday should be your day because everywhere they will be at a discounted price.

Google Home

Similar but different than the Amazon Echo, the Google Home offers you a Google assisted speaker that allows you to control all the smart devices in your home. With the Google Home you get everything that Google has to offer right into a relatively good sounding speaker. You are able to ask Google to play you any song that you want or answer a question using their web search. This is perfect for someone that is using a Google assisted cell phone.

The Google Home2 is going for $129 but surely when Black Friday comes around there will be either a promotion or discount. This is a great gift for someone or to add into the collection of your smart home devices, when it comes to Google they know how to make good products.

Sonos Speakers

When it comes to sound quality Sonos offers you some of the best sound there is to offer. If you are looking for a new entertainment system or a speaker to use for parties than Sonos should be your choice. The best feature that you are getting from Sonos speakers is that they are wireless which means you don’t have to worry about moving or setting them up. You connect your cell phone or computer to the speakers so that you could change the music where ever you are.

Sonos3 offers high quality sound in which you could control by the sound of your voice thanks to the Amazon Alexa voice system. With Sonos in your home you are able to play different music in every room within the house, this makes it perfect for parties or if you have kids. If you want to make your home more entertaining check out the many different speakers Sonos has to offer.

Leeo Smart Alert

With the Leeo Smart Alert you are getting the best safety smart home device on the market. You are able to monitor if your smoke, OC or water alarms end up being set off. Leeo Smart Alert is a device that you put inside your home to help you monitor if anything potentially harmful is happening to your house when you are gone.

This is an important device to have if you are always at work or leaving your home. You can purchase Leeo Smart Alert on their website4 for just $99.99 which could be the best investment for your home. You never know if there is potentially a fire or some type of water damage that is occurring in your home. If you want to protect your home than Leeo Smart Alert is a great choice for you.

Deebot N79

This may sound like some futuristic robot but when you really see what it can do it really is one. The Deebot N79 is a robotic vacuum that cleans your home without you giving it any attention. This is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t really like vacuuming their home or for your lazy teenager’s room. With the Deebot N79 you are able to have more time for yourself rather than cleaning all the time.

You are able to control the robot through an app, with the app you have the option to make a schedule for when it cleans your home. With the sensors located on the vacuum, it is able to navigate through your home without breaking or dropping anything. The Deebot N795 goes for $199.99 and should be on sale for Black Friday.

Consider Getting Smart Home Devices

If you are looking to make your home a smart home than you should consider on buying the smart home devices that are listed above. Now that Black Friday is coming up you should be able to save some money of the most of the products listed above.

Start searching for the smart home device that you need online and make sure to compare the prices with all the companies offering deals. Upgrade your life with some smart home devices to make you life easier. 







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