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Streamlining The Auto Insurance Process


Finding car insurance is easy when you do a little bit of preparation. There are a lot of choices from great companies that want to offer you the best quote possible. It’s fun being a free agent and having companies vie for your attention. But how can you make the entire process quick and simple?

Have Your Paperwork Ready

Potential buyers that are expecting a callback from the insurance company to discuss a quote should be prepared. That means having VIN, license, phone, address and other information ready. If you don’t have a car, then knowing the model of the car you want is a big help. The more accurate your information, the easier it will be to get the correct quote. Lacking car information will make it difficult to lock in a car insurance quote when you’re shopping around. Buyers that really don’t know what car they’re going after should at least know the type (SUV, Van, Sedan etc.) to help with the estimate. Once you lock in an insurance quote it remains good for a couple of days. If none of the major information changes, you can call back to start the policy.

Searching Online Saves Time

Getting a quote online will save you tons of time. It is no different than talking to a representative, and allows you to move at your own pace. Profiles can be saved so that you can come back and add information as it comes in. This is perfect for buyers that are unsure of their car choice and don’t want to commit to a quote just yet. When you finally decide to get a quote, it is as simple as pressing the submit button. Everything is processed automatically, including the option to lock in a quote for later viewing.

Getting Everyone On The Same Insurance

This is hard to accomplish but a big time, money and stress saver. Getting everyone in your household on the same insurance will get you favorite quotes from the company. Having a single bill come for the entire family keeps things simple, and there is even an option to split the bill up and privatize certain portions. Getting everyone on the same insurance is not an easy task, but well worth your time if you can get everyone to cooperate. The only downside is that if one person gets in an accident, it drives the entire premium up. Only get on the same insurance with drivers that you have full trust in.

Maximizing Savings Without Minimizing Coverage

There are multiple ways to save on insurance without Mimi zing the coverage. Doing any of these (or a combination) will knock off some money from your premium.

  • Take defensive driving classes and provide proof
  • Sign up for autodraft/autopay so that the bill comes directly out of your account
  • Ask about discounts for students with an .edu address

It won’t make a huge difference, but every dollar saved is a notch in the win column. Asking a representative for discounts can also yield surprising results. You never know what specials a car insurance provider is offering until you ask. Providers don’t always upsell their best deals, so be proactive in your questioning to get the rate down.

Take Your Time

There is no rush to go with the first provider that gives you the best deal. Jumping on the first deal will lock you out of better deals found later. Quotes can be locked in place while you shop around. If there is an expiration on the quote, you will know beforehand. Explore all your options so that your car has the best insurance possible. 

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Kelsey Harris

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