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The Best Black Friday Deals That Target Has To Offer


Are you looking to save lots of cash on items that are usually never on sale? Well Target is offering discounts on many items that you could buy for Christmas presents or yourself. Target has been in the game for quite a while now so they know that the lowest prices keeps their customers happy. Pretty much everyone’s black Friday ads have been leaked on the internet including Target.

Here are some of the deals that will have you running towards the doors on Black Friday.

$250 Gift Card with Purchase of New iPhone

The newest iPhone was only released a couple of weeks ago and they are pretty pricey but luckily Target is offering a special promotion on Black Friday. Target’s Black Friday ad shows that if you buy the new iPhone XS or XS Max at listed price you are given a $250 gift card.1 Because you are buying it out right you could activate your new iPhone with any carrier that works with Apple.

Target is offering one of the best deals on the new iPhones, they are also offering anyone that has an old iPhone could trade it in for another gift card of $150. That is $400 in gift cards alone in which you could spend on Christmas gifts or buy accessories for your new phone.

You can’t pass up this offer, if you are looking to buy the new iPhone models Black Friday is the perfect time to purchase one.

Discounted iPads

Not only is Target offering deals on the new iPhones but they are selling iPads at a discounted price which you do not see often. Target is selling their new iPad for $249.99 which is $80 off of the original price. That is not all they are also selling the iPad Mini for $249.99 as well which is $150 off.2

With the new iPads being so popular they could be a perfect gift for yourself or someone that you love. The best deal is around the corner so be prepared so that you could save some real money. If you are looking for an iPad then Target is the place you need to be on Black Friday.

$250 Gift Card with Samsung Note 9

This year’s Black Friday at Target is all about the gift cards when you purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you are given a $250 gift card.3 The Note 9 will offer you everything you need in a smartphone and more, on Black Friday you can luckily get a gift card in which you could spend towards the purchase that you just made.

To be able to get the gift card you just have to buy the phone out right once then you are able to go to carriers such as Verizon, AT&T or Sprint to activate your phone with their service. Target also will take in your old phone and give you store credit towards the phone that you just purchased or something else you desire.

With the Note 9 you will be getting the most powerful phone on the market while saving some money or have a gift card for a Christmas gift. Target is offering their customers great deals on Black Friday make to drop in if you are into the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Discounted Samsung TV’s

Samsung offers people some of the best TV’s on the market, they are high quality and they are at an affordable price point. The thing is you have to act fast if you want a TV deal on Black Friday because there are millions of people that are thinking the same exact thing. Target is offering a Samsung 65 inch curved TV for just $799 which is around $300 off of the original price. This is an incredible deal if you are looking to purchase a high quality 65 inch 4k HDTV.

This is one of Target’s doorbuster deals which means that you have to be there once those doors open because everyone is going to be looking for this deal. Luckily the ads were leaked early for you to see what the best deals are available. With this high quality Samsung TV you will be set for the next couple for years and you won’t be spending nearly as much.

Discounted Chromebook

If you are looking for a great laptop deal then Target has one for you, they are offering an HP 11.6 inch Chromebook for just $119.99.4 This is an incredible steal if you need something for school or just some internet browsing at home. With a Chromebook you have the ability to move your workstation where ever you like and you don’t have to worry about the weight or size.

This is a perfect gift for your child that is in school or someone that travels a lot. With Target offering so many deals this Black Friday you could choose a gift for everyone that you care about. If you are looking to grab some of these deals make sure to arrive to your local Target early. Take a look at their ad and find the best deal on the items that you are looking for.

Make sure to check online for any special promotions and compare prices for you to get the cheapest deal possible. 


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