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The Best Christmas Deals At Walmart


Were you enjoying Thanksgiving and didn’t bother to shop on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Well don’t worry because Walmart has extended some of their deals until Christmas which is perfect for last minute shoppers. You can even get certain products that were not even on sale during Black Friday, so missing out isn’t so bad at all.

There are many tech products that Walmart is offering at amazing prices and if you are looking to get some Christmas gifts now is the perfect time for you to take advantage. Walmart always has the best prices throughout the year but when it comes to the holidays they like to out-do their competitors and give you the best price possible. So even if you are looking to get something other than tech gifts, Walmart has almost everything you need for anyone. With Walmart’s “Dashing Through the Deals” they will be offering great discounts on popular products now through Christmas. Take a look at some of the best deals Walmart has to offer.

Best Deals on Smart Phones

Since the top phone makers are releasing phones every year, they are discounting their smart phones for incredibly affordable prices. And Walmart is offering some of the best deals this holiday season for your top smart phones and prepaid phones. Check out these top smart phone deals:

Straight Talk Prepaid Apple iPhone 7 - $449 Original Price: $649 Savings of $200

With the Apple iPhone 7 you are getting an amazing 7 inch retina High Definition, a smartphone that is protected from water and dust, the feature of Touch ID, 32 GB of storage and a 12 megapixel camera that has the ability to shoot in 4k. The best thing about this phone is that it is prepaid so you can have a smart phone with no contract, a great Christmas gift for someone that needs a smartphone.1

Straight Talk Prepaid Apple iPhone 6s Plus - $299 Original Price: $399 Savings of $100

Walmart is also offering the Apple iPhone 6s Plus for a $100 off and features a 5 inch retina High Definition screen, a 12 megapixel camera, the feature of Touch ID as well as 32 GB of storage. This iPhone is also a prepaid smartphone which allows you to have to carrier and still offer you 4G network.2

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy S7 Original Price $330 Savings of $131

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 you get a 5.1 inch High Definition screen, 12 megapixel camera with 4k capability, Bluetooth connections, Google App Store, battery that could last up to 28 hours, 32 of storage and the ability to have no contract. If you know someone that needs a new Samsung smartphone then this is a perfect gift for them.3

Best Deals on Laptops That Walmart Has to Offer

Want to get a great laptop for someone you love for a Christmas gift, Walmart is offering some great deals on laptops that could be used for both gaming and work. Take a look at the top laptops that are selling now.

HP Pavilion 15 - $678.88 Original Price: $739.99 Savings of $61.11

The HP Pavilion 15 offers a 15.6 inch smart display that has Microsoft Windows 10 to help you with all your needs. With 8GB of RAM and 1TB of hard drive storage you will not run out of any memory. HP has improved their battery life for laptops with the Pavilion 15 the battery lasts around 9 hours depending on what you are doing and charging the battery takes no time thanks to HP’s fast charge. This laptop offers everything you need with an HD webcam and an Intel Core processor to add to it, this should be your top pick for a Christmas gift.4

Lenovo Chromebook Notebook - $179 Orginal Price: $299 Savings of $120

With the Lenovo Chromebook Notebook you are getting an amazing compact laptop that is still powerful enough for you to do heavy workloads. This is the perfect laptop to have for work or school and be a great gift for a student. Lenovo offers you a HD anti-glare display which helps you see your screen while you are outside. Few laptops offer you a full keyboard and the Chromebook Notebook is one of them, you get a great keyboard setup and a roomy trackpad. The battery life on this laptop is amazing and could last around 10 hours, this is a great gift that won’t be so expensive.5

MSI GV62 8RE-061 Gaming Laptop - $799 Original Price: $1,099.99 Savings of $300

If you are looking to get a gaming laptop for your son or daughter then this MSI gaming laptop is the best deal to get this Christmas season. With this MSI laptop you get a 15.6 inch HD display that offers you some of the best visual gaming experience, it is also VR ready for you to do all the VR gaming you want. With Intel powering this machine you know that you are getting professional gaming performance. Not only to you get a great processor but some fast storage, with a 256GB SSD you will be able to make your game perform better. When you purchase this MSI laptop you get a Fortnite bundle which includes some in game currency, skins and weapons so if your kids play this game you should consider buying this for them.6

Start Shopping Now

Since Walmart is offering so many deals on different items the time to shop for your Christmas presents is now. You don’t want to be a last minute shopper that won’t be able to find the gift that you need. Walmart will be offering different deals every day so it is best to keep up with their news and sign up for their email newsletters.

There are many products that you can choose from and remember that you could order almost everything online today. Start searching for your Christmas gifts todays and save money on these great deals at Walmart.








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