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The Best Golf Courses In America


Golf has been in America since the time America was created because of this there are many golf courses around the country that will stun any golf player out there. According to Golf Digest1, they reported that around 45% of all the golf courses in the world are located in America. If you are living in America than you know that you are living perfect place for a golfer.

With American golf courses you are able to experience almost every type of environment from green forests to the dry heat of the desert. There is no shortage of golf courses in America that will offer you some of the best golfing you can experience. Back in the day people would often tend to think that golf was meant for rich people but this stereo type is totally wrong. Nowadays you are able to play an eighteen-hole course for an affordable price.

With the many golf courses that America has in store here are some of the best golf courses that America has to offer.

Indian Wells Golf Resort

If you are located in California or want to visit the beautiful state then Indian Wells Golf Resort should be a course for you to play. Located in Palm Springs, Indian Wells is one of the top rated courses in California and offer visitors a magnificent view of the mountains. This golf courses has been open since the 1920’s giving it history and a place for players to favor. There are 36 holes that are located on the course giving you the option to play a long game, visitors also love seeing the wildlife that surrounds the golf course.

Grand Cypress Golf Club

Florida in general is a very beautiful state but when it comes to their golf courses they tend to go all out. The Grand Cypress Golf Club which is located in Orlando is one of the world’s favorite courses. There have been many LPGA Tour Championships that have been held here making this course a legendary one. There are 45 holes in this magnificent looking park, with the amount of history here anyone who calls themselves a golfer should visit.

Sea Pines Resort

If you are looking to make a trip to the South than Sea Pines Resort in South Carolina will be the perfect spot for you to golf. Located in Hilton Head, this favorite course has been played by all the legends. PGA players have learned a lot from this course and being one of the nicest looking, this should be on the top of your list to visit if you are a true golfer. If you are looking to improve your game then this course would be great for you to visit not only will you be getting experience but you will also see history like never before.

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Golfers have raved for years that Pebble Beach Golf Links is the most gorgeous golf course in the world and they are not lying. Located in Monterey, California this beautiful course offers some of the best scenic views in the country while giving you a challenging game to work for. There have been many famous presidents and world leaders that have stayed and played at Pebble Beach.

The Greenbrier Resort

The Greenbrier Resort is located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia and is described to be one of the funniest courses to play on in the country. This beautiful golf course has been open for over 200 years and still keeps the elegance it had back then. There is a lot of history that dwells within that course making it listed on the National Historic Register. The course offers some experiencing holes that will have you wanting more.

Omni Tucson National Resort

Even though the Omni Tucson National Resort is located in the deserts of Arizona, the sheer beauty that it holds will blow you away. There are a couple of lakes mixed in with mountains and desert plains giving you a wild west feeling while you are playing a great round of golf with your buds. There have been around 30 PGA tours held here showing the difficulty and nature of the course. Almost every golfer wants to play at least once at Omni Tucson, with many of the pros practicing here this should be at the top of your list for you to experience the course and improve your golf skills.

Start Traveling the Country

If you are someone who really enjoys the golfing experience then you should start planning a trip to visit the different golf courses around the country. It is best to try something new and why not try out a couple of spots that the pros enjoy all the time. Take a couple of your golfing buddies and enjoy the great golf courses that America has to offer.

There are around 15,000 golf courses located in just America alone according to Golf.com2 so it’s best to take advantage of the benefits of living in America. Why not travel the country and play your favorite sport with some of your best friends. Even though some courses might be a bit pricey there are many out there that are affordable for the common man to enjoy. So if you are someone who loves golf and feels like you need somewhere new to play then traveling America’s golf courses is a great choice for you.

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