The Best Unconventional Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


If you are lucky (or unlucky depending on your perspective) enough to have a significant other to spend time with this Valentine’s Day, you may be feeling a kind of way about it. Maybe you are excited and can’t wait to see the look on your significant other’s face when they open their gifts. Lucky you, you know exactly what they want! Perhaps you are on the other end of the spectrum where you have no idea what they want and even if you were clairvoyant, you’d still get it wrong.

Many of us fall in the latter and some may be so bored of the holiday, they can’t figure out what to do to make it special. It may be time to look into more unconventional ideas than the traditional snooze fest that is Valentine’s Day. No doubt you love your partner, but as time goes on, they may be less impressed by what use to impress them. Complacency settles in and some of us forget we still need to ask questions to stay in the know of what our significant others need and want.

Here are some great resources to help you with ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Great Unconventional Valentine’s Day Ideas

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, many of us like to play it safe. You can never go wrong with flowers, chocolates, a pretty “I love you” card, jewelry and a fun date night. Unless your significant other has allergies, lactose intolerant, doesn’t read cards, gets rashes from metals and is a home body. Then it may be time to look at non-traditional options to celebrate this great day of love. Maybe you can do something that puts both of your focus and energy towards something positive where both of you can connect.

Create a Vision Board Together

There’s not much sexier to significant others than for you to lay out the vision you have for your futures together. It tells them you are thinking long term and this isn’t just a quick fling. Creating a vision board helps both of you share a vision of your futures and that could be very comforting and exciting to someone who could be feeling insecure about the direction of their relationship.

Go to an Animal Shelter

Going to an animal shelter and playing with the animals will not only put the animals in great spirits, but it’ll bring out something in both of you that is not often felt in our everyday lives. That is a gift in itself and a selfless idea.

Take a Class

Find out what your loved one is into and what they’d really like to learn. Could be painting, could be cooking. Perhaps it’s ball room dancing. Whatever their heart is set on, learn it with them and be fully engaged. This will bring you two together in ways you never though imaginable, just by doing something they’d like.

Watch a movie at a Drive-in Movie Theater

Take it back to the old school and take your sig other to a movie. But not just any movie. Take them to a drive-in movie theater. You’ll have the best seat in the house and be free to reconnect without concerned stares. You’ll still probably get concerned stares, but you’re in your own car, so what can they do about it!

Make up a Drink

If you are alcohol connoisseurs, or if you’re just alcohol drinkers, try making up a cocktail, name it after your significant other and make it for each other. This could be cute because you’re trying to put your lover’s personality in a drink, which forces critical thought about that person. Anytime you have to dig a little deeper than the surface to touch the core of your loved one, that’s a moment that can bring you closer.

Here are some more unorthodox ideas:

• Make a video for each other telling your partner the top 10 things you love about them and watch them together

• Read your favorite sexy passages from your favorite naughty book

• Do a sexy photo shoot of each other

• Go shoot some guns

• Find an Open Mic night and sing each other a song

Don’t be too intimidated to step outside the traditional box of Valentine’s Day. There are so many different, fun things you can do that don’t straddle the line of normal, so get out there and change up each other’s world for one special day. 

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