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Audiobooks have become a big thing today, they are a great way to hear your favorite books and you have your hands and eyes free to do something else. School teachers are recommending students to listen to audiobooks because it helps them learn faster and if they have trouble reading it will help them have a better learning curve.1 It is very easy to listen to audiobooks because you can listen to them anywhere on your smartphone. While you are going to work or you want to hit the gym you can easily listen to audiobooks and boost your reading knowledge.

According to Forbes2, 40% of individuals listen to audiobooks while they are doing busy work. You would think that audiobooks are less expensive than physical books but that is not the case most of the time. Not to worry though because there are many sites that have free and affordable audiobooks that you could take advantage of. Here are a couple of these amazing sites that have huge savings.

Open Culture

With Open Culture3 you are offered various educational audiobooks that are free to download, this site is perfect for a college student. Although they offer audiobooks, you can also download courses, movies and textbooks. You have the ability to download around 900 audiobooks which are free and they include many books that you are familiar with.

If you want to download these audiobooks you can download the mp3 file yourself or you can stream them off of either iTunes or Spotify. You will not find every book in all the formats but there are still a good amount that do. Even though their audiobooks are free you can donate to help them.

Pros: You don’t have to pay for audiobooks, it is very easy to locate the audiobook you’re looking for and you have the option to search up textbooks, online courses and all the books you can think of.

Cons: There are some books that are not in the format that you want and it can be confusing while searching through their website.


LibriVox4 offers you audiobooks that are in the public domain, their goal as a company is to make all the books available to the public for free. They offer all their audiobooks on their website for free and you should consider visiting this wonderful website. They are able to give away their audiobooks for free due to them hiring volunteer narrators and editors which are just as trained as any professional.

There might be a couple of recordings that are not as good but these are people just getting into the business. You can download these audiobooks and put them on any of your mobile devices, it is an easy process that takes no time at all.

Pros: You can find many audiobooks in a wide range of languages, the option to choose between two people doing the same recording, everything is free, and once you download it is your forever.

Cons: You may not have a professional narrator, there are not as many books to choose from.


Working with local libraries, Overdrive has a wide variety of audiobooks you can choose from. If you want to borrow books you can if you have a library card and you can use it through many smartphone apps. To get some audiobooks you can use OverDrive5 which is an app that you can download on your computer which allows you to download mp3 files.

OverDrive makes it easy for you to find audiobooks that are located at libraries, this is also another great website for anyone that is in school. You can find all the audiobooks that you want through their app and will help you find the one you are searching for.

Pros: It is free to use, you have a wide variety of audiobooks to choose from, and some audiobooks are available offline for you to download.

Cons: You are required to have a library card, difficult to search for your audiobook, and you are only offered audiobooks from schools and libraries.


Scribl is perfect for someone who likes to listen to separated parts of audiobooks like podcasts. They have taken over the company Podiobooks which had a big selection of audiobooks.6 You will be able to find audiobooks that you never really see and most of them are free. If you do purchase an audiobook from them they will throw in the e-book for free, it gives you the option to sit down and read or you can listen to the audio where ever you go.

The audiobooks that you can purchase are priced by how popular the book is, the more popular the more expensive. The great thing about Scribl is that new books are offered for free for a certain amount of time when they are released. You should consider visiting the site often so that you will not miss out on any free ones.

Pros: If you want to find unique audiobooks Scribl is the place to look, the prices are not expensive, and audiobooks are broken down into chapters making it easier for you to navigate.

Cons: The most popular books do not stay free for long and the selection of audiobooks could sometimes be slim.

Start Searching For Your Free Audiobooks Today

Now that you have an idea about the websites that offer you free audiobooks, you should consider looking for some today. Not only do you get entertainment out of audiobooks but you will help boost your learning. There are many websites that offer you different styles of audiobooks, you just have to go online and start searching for the style you like. There are millions of people that are listening to audiobooks, why not join them?

Sign up for one of these great audiobook websites and start learning today.








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