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These 5 Credit Cards Offer Incredible Travel Perks


Many of us did not grow up with a silver spoon and travel, for many, it seemed like a luxury exclusively for the rich. As we grew older, we began to understand that we too had the ability to travel anywhere we felt adventurous enough to go. Travel became possible, but it is still and always will be somewhat expensive. There are many travel resources to help travelers plot out the perfect getaway. If you are savvy online, you can easily navigate through different sites to do comparisons and get the best deal for your dollar. That won’t necessarily completely resolve the issue of expensive travel. The price of plane tickets, train tickets, lodging accommodations, eating out, and when you actually arrive to your destination of choice, there’s the matter of site seeing and outings. It all adds up pretty quickly, and if we spend all of our money on getting to our destinations, there won’t be much left to actually have fun. 

If you can’t site see, take in the culture and history with visiting museums, landmarks, etc. you’d be limiting and already expensive vacation. You’d go home and your friends will start asking “Did you see this and that”, or “How did this look in real life”. Unfortunately, even though you were there in person, you didn’t have enough money to do the important things. There’s no need to be part of that unfortunate scenario, there’s hope. All you need to do is start buying stuff!

We see it in online new media highlights so often, someone figured out how to travel around the world for nothing! Many consumers who haven’t capitalized off of spending money they’re going to spend anyways, are kicking themselves confused. How do you travel around the world for nothing? These people must be celebrities capitalizing off their notoriety or they must know people. That is not the case in most of the stories we hear. Those people just figured out how to game the system. They figured out how to take advantage of the financial agencies who approve them for credit, versus those financial agencies taking advantage of the consumers.

Financial institutions now offer great incentives and rewards for being a member or holding a line of credit with their organization. These amazing incentives funnel down to the consumers as travel rewards, which could be used for plane tickets, upscale lodging accommodations, or just extra cash for your travels. You too can now travel for pennies on the dollar, by being rewarded for what you’ll do naturally. Spend money. Here are a few great credit cards that offer incredible travel incentives.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Capital One’s Venture Rewards credit card is one of the more advantageous of travel rewards cards to keep in your collection. According to Captialone.com1, the Venture Rewards card has no annual fees and the unlimited miles you gain over time will never expire. That means you can keep accumulating points till you have enough to take the adventure of a life time. If you are a new card holder and you manage to spend $3K within the first 3 months on the program, Capital One will reward you 50,000 points. The Venture card is extremely flexible, meaning you will not need to book your trip and accommodations through any specific travel websites or mobile apps. A great perk that will not be overlooked once you are international, is that your card will have no foreign transaction fees. You don’t need super rich celebs like Jennifer Gardner or Alec Baldwin to convince you this is an amazing deal! Time to start thinking about what’s in your wallet.

BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card

The BankAmericard Travel rewards credit card is going to give you some heavy bang for your buck. A review of nerdwallet.com2 will show you the card has no blackout dates so you are free to travel when it’s convenient and exciting for you. There is no APR for the first year you are a member. If you spend over 1K within the first 3 months, you will receive 20K online bonus points. For every dollar you spend on all purchases, you will receive an unlimited 1.5% points. Similar to the Capital One Venture card, your reward points will never expire. Great news for current Bank of America account holders, you’ll get higher than average reward points, which equals out to a slew of benefits for you!

Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

Nerdwallet.com3 boasts that the Gold Delta Skymiles credit card from American Express is offering new cardholders the opportunity to earn 35K bonus sky miles and a %50 credit for signing up! For every dollar you spend on the Gold Delta SkyMiles card, you will earn a point, which can add up very quickly. If you are a member, you can also check your first bag for absolutely free, per round trip flight for a family up to four.

Platinum Card from American Express

American Express is trying hard to get you as a member, because according to their website Americanexpress.com4, they are offering some major travel incentives. Cardholders will receive up to $200 in air travel credit to use towards checked bags and in-flight purchases. This is extremely helpful for over packers and people who need a nice drink while traveling. Generally, there is a fee associated with TSA precheck, however this fee is waived for global entry for members. You’ll have full access to the luxurious airport lounges and unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot access. So don’t only get actually travel perks, but they aim to make your travel easier and far more convenient. Though there is an annual fee, frequent travelers make this back after their first trip.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Finally, last but not least, is the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Chase.com5 shares a number of benefits with the card including providing you with $300 every year as travel credit. Similar to the American Express Platinum card, your TSA precheck fee for global entry will be waived as a member. Members will have priority pass lounge access to the luxurious airport lounges, hidden away from the crowds. The card offers travel insurance for the more conservative travelers and 50K bonus points after spending $4K on purchases in the first 3 months. Again, the Chase Sapphire Reserve does have an annual fee, but if you travel a few times a year, benefits will far outweigh the fee.

Where to Find the Best Travel Credit Card Offers

You can go to any of the cards respective websites to find out more about the incentives offered and to apply online. Time to get traveling.







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