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We are living in a world run by technology. We have smart houses, smart phones, smart cars and at times, people can seem like they themselves, are turning into robots. There is a legitimate concern that many jobs currently occupied by humans, will eventually become automated. You can already see examples of this in places like San Francisco where in 2019, they are slated to release a fleet of self-driving smart cars to compete in the ride share industry. The technology is not perfect, as we saw in the case of the person in Arizona getting hit by the self-driving smart car, or the many different people who were hit by Google’s self-driving cars. It may be a novelty for the elite, who can afford it initially and eventually, flow out to the general public. 

Obviously we will not see a mass exodus from the ride-share industry due to automation hampering the ability to make money. It will be a gradual process. There will be a need for humans to move precious cargo, whether it be a company’s product or human beings. For people who do not want to find themselves overwhelmed with forever changing and advancing technology, it’s hard to find where to fit in in this world. If you’re amongst those who are not the most technologically savvy, it may be hard to imagine joining a technology team as some sort of coding guru or program director. We’re not forced to work in the technology sector, but at times, it seems like that’s the only place you can make some money to support your family. There are other options that the technologically challenged can look into. Once such option is becoming a truck driver.

If you are the kind of person who gets antsy sitting in front of a computer all day, sitting in a cubicle in front of a computer may be the opposite of your idea of dream job. Perhaps being out on the open road may suit your personality and your job fulfillment needs. Becoming a Truck driver hits a lot of check boxes for people looking for a lot more freedom and flexibility in their work. Not to mention, the pay can rival many technology firms without the need for extra schooling or learning an entirely new skill. There are many schools that are willing to teach you the ropes of how to become a truck driver. Due to the shortage in drivers, not only will they train you, but in some cases, they’ll pay for your schooling and get you placed in a job upon your completion of your driving school. Truck driving school does not take nearly as long as a certificate to work in technology as a programmer, or specialist. 

According to alltrucking.com1, full-time programs that run for five days a week will get you your Class A CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) in just seven weeks. You can get a Class B CDL in a shorter amount of time, but you will not be able to drive the same variety of trucks and you’ll only be permitted to drive smaller loads.

There are some great companies out there looking for people just like you to jump in the driver’s seat. Take a look at the companies:

C.R. England

According to, C.R. England2, the most reliable refrigerated carrier in the nation, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of transportation solutions to meet the requirements of a rapidly evolving customer base. England employs about 6,700 drivers and are constantly on the hunt for the best drivers in the nation. They aren’t just looking for anyone. They want healthy drivers who understand the importance of happy work life balance. If you care about your home life, you’ll care about your job is their idea. They are committed to providing safe healthy environments and look forward to assisting you in your career advancement.

If you have a clean driving record and are looking a great opportunity to use your experienced CDL-A driver’s license, you can enjoy these amazing benefits with C.R. England:

  • Health benefits
  • Weekly compensation
  • Life insurance and 401K
  • Paid time off
  • Bonuses and incentives

Fill out their short form application on their website today.

Swift Transportation

According to swifttrans.com3, Swift Transportation is dedicated to acknowledging their drivers for being the professionals they believe they are. They have opportunities for new truckers, new CDL grads and experienced drivers. They employ and educate over 16K` drivers and have fleets consisting of 16K trucks and 60K trailers. The boast of their state of the art equipment and show to have a higher starting pay than many other trucking companies.

New employees can expect starting pay ranging from $17 and $18.50 per hour. Drivers are also compensated for their miles, bonuses up to $3K for on-time deliveries, high customer ratings and clean safety records.

Employees also get to enjoy paid benefits, paid time off, 401K as well as these benefits:

  • Leasing program
  • Stock purchase program
  • Rider program
  • Non-aggressive companions up to 40 lbs.

Knight Transportation

Knighttrans.com4 describes Knight Transportation as a growing company where you can make a difference, affect change, and contribute daily to their success. The strongly believe and practice the idea of promotion from within and emphasize the development and mentoring of their unique talent. They move full trailer or container loads of freight from origin to destination for single clients. They are one of the countries larges company owned tractor fleets with a fleet of 4,000 tractors and 8,800 trailers. The companies 5K employees made this company top 200 on the Forbes list of small up and coming businesses. Check out these great incentives for joining the Knight Transportation team:

  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • Full amenity service centers throughout the country
  • Optional daily or weekly compensation
  • Dedicated and focused dispatch support
  • More than 30 service centers with full amenities across the country
  • A choice of daily or weekly pay

The starting pay is about $10/ hourly, but employees may see swift increases and bonuses. They are looking for new and inexperienced drivers now.

FFE Transportation

FFE stands for Frozen Food Express. You can imagine what they haul around the US. And yes, they are looking for people just like you. The company has been around for 75 years and has no plans of slowing down or going anywhere. Forbes mentioned them as one of the best companies to work for in the US. They are currently looking for experienced and non-experienced drivers to round out their fleets. Applicants would be able to stay closer to home and depending on location, may be eligible for a $5,000 signing bonus and up to $1,100 per week.

Employees will also get these amazing benefits:

  • Weekly compensation
  • Home weekly
  • Paid time off
  • Company paid training

Check out their website now and apply!

Amazon Flex

Finally, but definitely not least, Amazon Flex is bully footing its way into the trucking industry. With this company, you actually drive your own vehicle and design your own ours. Amazon continually revolutionizes industry and this industry is no different. You can earn up to $25 an hour delivering packages for, Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery, and Amazon Restaurants local restaurant delivery. Amazon flex operates across the US and all you’ll need is a car, and either an iPhone or Android. You can get paid up to twice a week and have the unmatchable incentive of freedom in your job. You design your own earning power.

Become a Truck Driver Today

With so many options and so much need, pull yourself out of that boring cubicle, use your very smartphone to guide you to your next career currently screaming your name, jump on your smart car using that smart GPS technology, and make a smart decision. Start your truck driving career today.






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