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Some people might think that trucks are not really meant for seniors but this is wrong in many factors. First off, trucks have equipment that often leads to better handling and they are able to perform in any type of weather. If you are a senior citizen you want the best visibility possible something that a truck provides, they are also equipped with a suitable amount of room and they have some of the latest safety assets.

In 2018, there are many deals that dealerships are offering to seniors for buying the newest models of trucks. Here is a list of the best rated on the market.

Ford F150

If you are looking to get a great American truck than the Ford F150 should be your choice. According to Ford1 they state that the F-150 is America’s top selling for the past 40 years, they are offering the new 2018 F-150 for a starting price of $29,641. With a wide selection of the models the 2018 F-150 is the best Ford has to offer.

There is a model that offers a massively powerful Power Stroke turbodiesel V-6 engine which is perfect for hauling a trailer or driving for long periods of time. There are many safety features included for seniors such as brake-assist and lane-assist. If you are looking to have a good quality truck then go for a new 2018 Ford F-150.


Chevy Silverado 1500

Another great truck that is on the market for a reasonable price is the Chevy Silverado 1500, there are many models offered that could be the perfect one for you. If you are looking for a truck that will be able to handle whatever come at you and also has a comfortable interior than the Silverado is meant for any senior.

The Chevy Silverado 15002 is a truck at a great price they are starting at $28,686 with many different options and models available. It is also raked one of the highest when it comes to safety according to NHTSA, this is because of the safety features that are installed. If you are looking for a safe and affordable truck that is by a trusted American brand than the Chevy Silverado should be one your top picks.

GMC Sierra 1500

When you go with GMC trucks you always get the latest technology at an affordable price. The 2018 GMC Sierra is a smaller truck meant for those who don’t need a bigger vehicle but still want a truck. It is equipped with a backup camera making it easier for you to get a visual when backing up into tight spaces. The 2019 GMC Sierra3 is starting at $29,973 with many features that come with the base model that you would not believe.

GMC is offering the base model with a six speaker setup for all your entertainment purposes, there are also many option that you could choose to upgrade the interior and exterior as well. If you go for the higher end model which is the Denali trim you will get all of the safety features that help assist you drive. This is a great vehicle for seniors who like a smaller truck but still offers so much.

Ram 1500

Ram has done a complete remodel on their new line of 2018 trucks, their 2018 Ram 1500 is top of the line and is one of the most popular on the road today. With the 1500 you are able to choose from many models that could work for a senior like yourself. If you are looking to get a more luxurious interior, there is a trim kit that you can add to make you feel more comfortable.

If you are looking to buy yourself a Ram 15004 as they are starting at $29,927 with an MPG of 17 for the highway and 12 in the city. This is a pretty great deal because you are getting a roadside assistance service that will help you out with any troubles you have with your vehicle. This is perfect for seniors that worry they will need some kind of assistance if their vehicle break down.

Toyota Tacoma

If you are looking for a smaller sized truck that is still able to perform like your bigger ones than the 2018 Toyota Tacoma is the choice for you. Millions of people have purchased the new Tacoma and they have nothing but great things to say about it. The 2018 Toyota Tacoma5 is starting at $30,153 with an amazing MPG of 22 on the highway and 19 in the city. There are many colors and styles that are available in the new line up.

With the Tacoma you are getting the latest safety features helping you stay within the lanes and avoid collisions. This is a perfect truck is you are looking to take it on any dirt trails or off-roading. Toyota is a well trusted brand that never disappoints when it comes to the Tacoma.

Honda Ridgeline

Honda has come out with the new 2018 Honda Ridgeline which is quite a different looking truck, it looks like a cross between a SUV and a standard truck. People who have purchased the Ridgeline have stated how smooth the drive is and how easy it is to handle which is perfect for seniors. If you are looking to do some camping this is the perfect truck for you as pulling anything will not be a problem.

There are many safety features that are included with the Ridgeline that Honda offers in all of their 2018 lineup. The 2018 Honda Ridgeline6 is starting at $30,863 which has 26 MPG on highways and 10 MPG in cities. This is a great truck that is made by a reliable company that offers some of the best customer service. If you are looking to purchase a Ridgeline act now.

Seniors Get Your New Truck Today

If you want to purchase a truck, this time is the best for you to act as there many promotions going around that could help you save money. There are many incentives that dealerships are offering to anyone looking to buy their 2018 truck models. Every dealership is now releasing these promotions due to the holidays so now is the best time to act.

According to Edmunds7 they have reported that Chevrolet is giving away up to $2,000 in incentives if you purchase the new 1500. They have also reported that Ford is helping anyone save up to $3,250 on their new F-150 and Toyota is offering up to $1,500 in incentives with the purchase of their new Tacoma.

With some many deals going on at the moment now is the perfect time to purchase a truck if you are a senior. Take advantage of the promotions and compare the trucks that you want online. Start you search today.









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