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Top Ways To Save Money


Out of all the ways to save money, no one ever takes the time to do the little things. These four small things can make a huge difference in how much money you get to keep in your bank account. Once you get the hang of these money saving tips, it’ll be hard to go back to old habits.

Get Rid Of Unused Subscription Services

Digital services are everywhere, with the bulk of them moving to a subscription-based model. Right there is the trick that lures in a lot of people who forget they have multiple subscriptions. You can make an argument that each service has its own benefits, but the reality is that they all add up. Take a close look at your most used digital streaming service, then look at the one you use the least. What is only a couple of bucks a month turns into $100+ dollars a year in charges. Get rid of your least used streaming service and find similar shows on your favorite streaming service. Follow this mantra with any subscription based service no matter how small the monthly fee is.

Shop In Bulk

Shopping in bulk doesn’t mean signing up for a membership and waltzing into an exclusive store. It also doesn’t mean loading up on fifty pounds of mayonnaise. Shopping in bulk is about finding deals that cater to your needs and buying a reasonable amount for the future. A good example is when you find toilet paper on sale for 30% off. Will there ever be a time in life where you won’t need toilet paper? Load up that shopping cart for the next few months and follow suit with other deals. The key with this savings tip is to look for items that are at least 30% off of their original price and have at least a one year shelf life. For meat, you can always put good deals in the freezer until they are needed.

Eat Out Less

No one wants to admit how much they depend on fast food to satisfy hunger cravings. It is a big part of society, and it also explains why it is a lucrative business. There is nothing wrong with the occasional coffee or burger, but if you find you eat out at least once a day, consider scaling it back a bit. This can be done by preparing ahead, bringing food from home or simply ordering from the dollar menu. Every major chain has one, so if there is a craving that can’t be beat, don’t be afraid to peruse their cheap stuff.

Get Away From Small Charges

Small convenience fee charges or late fees add up. It is in another list of things that turns into hundreds of dollars yearly. Always pay your bills on time, and if you are short, ask for an extension. Some bills will waive the late fee if you ask beforehand, so it doesn’t hurt to check. Getting your services turned off will force you to pay a reactivation fee on top of the full amount you owe, plus late fees!

If you are currently with a bank that charges a monthly convenience fee, promptly withdraw your money and go to the hundreds of available competitors that offer free checking/savings accounts. Unless they are offering you a banking feature that isn’t available anywhere else, there is no reason to pay a monthly convenience fee.

Saving Is Always An Option

Never throw away money due to laziness. That money can go to a million different things that can improve your quality of life. If you are paying for something nonessential, then redirect that money towards something that will use it better. 

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Erika Bailey

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