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What To Know When It Comes To Finding A Moving Company


It’s that time of year again when your lease is up and your apartment complex just gave you the most amazing gift by raising your rent on you…again. Seeing as how your job hasn’t given you a raise in the last, you can’t remember when, your pay doesn’t quite make what it takes to pay your rent and live comfortably. So the increase is doing you absolutely no favors. No worries though, you have amazing friends who haven’t got sick of your continuous moving habits yet. You all are still young with vibrant energy and are able to move very heavy items from the very top floor of your apartment complex who’s conveniently forgot to put in an elevator. Long late night hours, hunger fatigue and just pure frustration and anger settle in just in time to start throwing things over the bannister or burning them where they sit.

If this does not sound like you situation, or if you just don’t have any friends, you’re going to have to figure out other options to help you with your move. We live in a volatile economy where our compensation increases as workers isn’t quite keeping up with inflation. So as everything gets slowly more expensive, we aren’t making enough money to keep up with the rising costs. This is causing more families to pick up extra work, down scale dramatically or just move all together. 

The moving situation obviously is far more cumbersome, especially when most of your money will ultimately go into moving tools such as; boxes, dollies moving trucks, tape, etc. Not to mention you have to cough up enough dough to cover your first and last month’s rent. If you have a pet, forget about it. You are paying a pet deposit that is pretty much equal to your deposit and paying rent as if they were a human roommate. So what does one do when they are solo but have an apartment that looks like an entire village lives in there? What if your friends are old and their backs have no desire to sacrifice mobility for you? At this point, it may be time to look into movers.

As a functioning adult, you should be looking at professional movers to move you anyways. You don’t want your good friends hating you for making them waste precious alcohol drinking time moving your annoying stuff. You too should be able to partake in alcohol drinking time while someone else moves you! Movers give you a lot of freedom and relieve a lot of pain that comes along with a move. Ironically enough, they cost just about the same if not a little more than doing it yourself. But trust, the convenience of using a professional company to take care of your moving needs is unmatched.

Most people don’t know much about moving companies, or that they exist. Young people don’t have a lot of extra money to throw towards movers and many times, it may not make sense because they may not have that much stuff. But if you are moving your house, a family, or if you are a hoarder, you may have a lot of stuff and moving company will be a life saver. Here is some very key and important information you should know about hiring moving companies for your next move.

No Heavy Lifting

Our physical and mental health is all we have at the end of the day. As a country, we have constant battles on how to properly preserve the health of the citizens in this country and it generally begins with preventative care. Much of the preventative care is doctors teaching and us as patients, learning proper ways to take care of our bodies and minds. Avoiding manual labor that exceeds your body’s limitations is huge in preventative care, as is doing things in life that can help reduce the stress factor. Ironically enough, moving can quickly destroy both: your ability to relax your mind from stress and the ability to preserve your physical health from lifting items far too heavy for any normal human being to lift. Getting professional movers will not only preserve your physical capabilities and physical health, but it will also keep you from going absolutely crazy from moving so much nonsense for what feels like, days on end.

Prevent Damage and Protect Items

The longer we find ourselves moving, the more complacent and careless we could become. This is when some of our favorite items may find themselves missing valuable pieces. In some cases, holes may end up in walls where you had no intention, plan, or money to forfeit your entire deposit to fix. Professional movers are on high-alert because they understand the value of handling someone else’s belongings. They take extra care in making sure everything is wrapped properly and packed away in a way none of your valuable items will be destroyed. There are a lot of hidden costs that go into properly packing items, that as unprofessional movers, we just don’t have any knowledge of. 

According to move.org1, aside from the time investment, you have to pack everything, move it into the truck, arrange it so it all fits in the truck, drive to your new location, unload the truck, fill up the truck’s gas tank, return the truck, and then go home and unpack your belongings. This could quickly become far more burdensome than hiring professionals.

Faster and More Efficient

It’s a no brainer the professionals will be faster and save you time, space and in many cases, even money. We may over spend on packaging, where they’ll complete their professional assessment and have the appropriate packaging ready for your move. They will have the right amount of resources show up to make the move as seamless and painless as possible. In many cases, they can have you moved in just a few short hours.

Save Time

As mentioned previously, the time investment is more than some of us are willing to invest. Other areas we need to consider before we move is getting utilities and other necessities set up at your new home. Wisebread.com2 mentions the potential need to set up cable and utility services or your time might be better spent readying the new place by making it move-in friendly. Hiring professionals can allow for more time to free you from that burden so you can concentrate on other important tasks.

Less Money Spent on Equipment

You won’t have to spend any extra money on equipment, as you will have everything you will need once the movers arrive. There will be no need for back and forth trips to the store, Home Depot, or any other packaging retailers because you forgot something or ran out of something else. Movers will come to your door more than prepared withal the resources they need to help you have a successful move.

If you have a move coming up in the near future, it may be time to start looking into some professional help, for your own sanity and the sanity of your best friends. 




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