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It’s not an uncommon dream when we were all young children, to want to be in the spotlight. Whether you’re an actor, performer, space traveler, or super star sports player. At one point in time, we might’ve had dreams of being on the Wheaties box we were pouring into our bowls. As we got a bit older, for many of us, the reality of being a mega super star quickly disappears with the talents we thought we may have, but do not. We also find out the importance of practice, practice, practice. You will never get anywhere in life without a little know how and a lot of repetition. If you’re like many other sports player who may have quickly realized you’re not nearly as athletic as the worst of the guys running, jumping, passing and slamming balls. You may gravitate towards something that doesn’t appear to be as demanding on the body.

Maybe you’re looking at picking up the game of golf. There is no running, jumping or slamming required, unless your frustration gets the best of you of course. Most people believe golf is a rich man’s game and they wouldn’t be completely wrong. But there are many inexpensive alternatives to the prestigious courses we watch Tiger Woods and Phil Michelson playing on. So you’re interested in jumping into golf, but you have no idea where to play and what to wear. Though this article can’t really help you with dressing the part of a golf player, it can at least point you in the right direction of where you may want to consider playing.

Indian Wells Golf Resort: Palm Springs, CA

Indian Wells Golf Resort is a 36-hole course located in the beautiful sunny southern desert of California. It’s minutes away from the International Airport with magnificent 53,000 square-foot clubhouse. It’s been ranked amongst the top ‘Best Municipal Courses in the United States”.1 This course has been featured as the backdrop for many PGA skins game and is known to be a favorite amongst celebrity courses. It is also an ideal location to host your dream wedding, receptions and great family getaways.2 With beautiful mountain backdrops rivaling portraits, signature California palm trees and Casinos within throwing rocks distance, no wonder this golf course is amongst one of the favorites.

Grand Cypress Golf Club: Orlando, FL

Grand Cypress Orlando Golf Club in Orlando Florida is a definite favorite and was designed by Jack Nicklaus. There are North, South, and East courses that offer a variety truly diverse and mentally as well as physically stimulating backdrops.3 This course was designed to test your accuracy as opposed to strength and distance. There are a number of hold combinations that are great for beginners and top level golfers. With the integration of a new course said to be a Scottish links masterpiece, Gran Cypress adds another dimension to anyone’s golf experience.

Sea Pines Resort: Hilton Head, SC

With the name Hilton in the name, you can only imagine the level of luxury this course must offer. Sea Pines Resort is said to be one of Hilton Head Island’s most celebrated resorts.4 This vacation resort offers the perfect return to classic family vacationing at its finest. The resort is located along 5000 acres of oceanfront property. It’s been one of the more favorite frequented resorts for more than 50 years. World class championship golf is played here regularly, so make sure you bring you A+ game.

Pebble Beach Golf Links: Monterey, CA

Pebble Beach Golf Links in Monterey, CA offers you a golf experience that is as good as it gets. Pebble beach is not only the number 1 public course in America, but it’s the number 1 golf resort in America.5 It’s the home of three of the top 50 public course that are married to the breathtaking California coastline. Not only are you offered one of a kind courses and a golf experience, but you will not be confined to the resort. You can spend some time in Spanish Bay in the scenic sand dunes, or expending all the rest of your stored energy concurring Spyglass Hill. Who knows, you may even line up your tee with the likes of Tiger, Palmer, Hogan and many others.

The Greenbrier Resort: White Sulphur Springs, WV

The Greenbirer Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia was featured on the Today’s Show for being one of a kind and known as ‘America’s Resort’.6 It’s located amongst the heavenly mountains of West Virginia. Greenbrier is actually a National Historic Landmark7 and doubles as a world-class resort. It’s been around since 1778, so when you visit, you’ll also get a rich sense of history. The guest list for this resort consists of the who’s who of celebrities from 27 different countries, 45 presidents, royalty, and business leaders. Greenbrier Resort has exclusive winter packages that offer $200 resort spending credit, so not only can you get your golf game perfected, but you’re already starting at a discount. This is a family friendly resort and children are welcome.

Omni Tucson National Resort: Tucson, AZ

Finally, we can’t talk about Golf courses without talking about the famous Omni Tucson National Resort in Tucson, AZ. Once you visit this beautiful championship course with an unbelievable desert backdrop, you’ll be playing like a champion in no time. You can choose between their Van Hagge and Devlin designed course with 8 sparkling lakes, 80 bunkers and 30 PGA Tour events8 or Sonoran Course designed by Tom Lehman with 2 lakes and 69 bunkers. This course has more traditional fairways amongst the Santa Catalina Mountains. They also offer golf instructions and unlimited kid golf.

You now have a few options to begin your new super star career as a golfer. At the very least, you have a good starting list of some of the most amazing golf courses in the US. 


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