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Where To Find the Best Jobs Online


The US economy is on a 9 year upswing. According to marketwatch.com1, the US unemployment rate has fallen to right around 3.7%, which appears to be the lowest level since 1969. Essentially this means the job market is finally on the side of the worker vs the employer. There are less people looking for work, but there are a lot more open jobs available looking to be filled. This should essentially translate into higher wages or better benefits.

However you see the benefits of a hot job market, it may be a great time to start looking for other opportunity even if you currently have a job. Take a look at the job market and do some market research. Find out how much people in your exact position, are getting paid in your market. This could be a very valuable negotiating chip when yearly reviews and appraisals come around. If you find you are underpaid for your market and your job is unwilling to match what current market pay expectations should be, it could be time to start looking elsewhere. The odds are, in a hot job market, you may find exactly what you are looking for and your dream job may await.

Employers are becoming a little savvier when looking to fill positions. They understand they are at a slight disadvantage when it comes to negotiating compensation, but the hot market could help find the perfect candidate that could help promote growth. That growth will translate into a lot more revenue for the company, allowing for more product and more employers to help facilitate the products. Employers investing in their employees and their company will come back in the form of increased revenues. So they may have to pay out a little to get more back in the door. So how does one go about finding their future dream job?

With a hot job market, also comes more convenient ways to connect companies with candidates. There are a number of apps and job search services that aim to make it easier for you to step into the role you were born to do. We use to have to scour the newspapers and magazines for job openings. There may have been job boards you can occasionally check in on for new listings. Nowadays, there are amazing apps and online resources that’ll do the searching for you, if you so choose. The algorithms and search engines provided with these apps are state of the art and designed to find job openings in real time. There is great incentive for employers to participate on these job applications to find candidates and to keep the information up to date and accurate.

It is easier than ever for candidates to connect directly with hiring employers. Most sites who specialize in connecting candidates with employers, also have services that could assist with building your resume and your overall online profile to help standout even more. This is great because a great profile can put you in front of the line. And if you use the services provided by the online job board, they may feature you as an ideal candidate. Here are a few great sites to get you started finding the best jobs online.


Indeed is one of the largest job boards online currently. According to thebalancecareers.com2, Indeed enables you to search millions of job listings from thousands of websites, job boards, newspapers, blogs, company career pages, and associations to find job listings that match or have similar terms related to your search query. People from all over the world can jump on the job boards and find pretty much any job anywhere on the planet. The engine is consistently updated to remain cutting edge and the algorithms to help you find exactly what you are looking for, as well as employers easily finding well qualified candidates is state of the art and amongst the most powerful searches you can complete online. You can create search agents that’ll email you jobs that fit your search criteria to take some of the pressure off of searches.


LinkedIn is an awesome social media site for professionals. It allows professionals from all industries to share great news, best practices, industry updates, or just to keep your professional networking on point. It is also a great way to learn about open positions from people who actually work at the company you are interested in. They have a great search engine for job applicants to search nationally for jobs, but it’s the newer feature of the app, so there is still plenty of room for growth. What they’ve displayed in their early stages is nothing less than impressive.


Glassdoor gives you a peak into employee morale, heard directly from employees. Employers are able to post information about their organization and employees are able to go the employer page and offer their opinion anonymously, either warning future candidates or helping them make well informed decisions. Glassdoor also has a powerful job search engine and allows for search agents to search jobs for you and send notifications when jobs pop up that match your qualifications. You can see salaries for jobs you’re interested in and they provide market reports for compensation medians nationwide. They also have a great service where they work with 3rd party companies that can assist in building you an industry standard, strong resume.


Last but certainly not least, is Ziprecruiter. Ziprecruiter has changed the job search engine game in offering the fastest way for employers to hire great people. It is geared more towards employers, but is a powerful research tool for candidates, as it directly connects you to employers looking for you. It will even notify you when your resume makes it past certain review stages and offers statistics on possibilities in getting called in for an interview. It provides candidates a much more narrowed field of employers who have seen their skills and who are interested. Potential candidates can then focus on the companies who appear to have the most interest in their skillsets.




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