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Why A Large Number of People Are Becoming Auto Technicians


With the roads being filled with cars it is no wonder that auto technicians are in such high demand. According to Statista1, around 268.8 million cars were recorded in the United Sates in 2016, this means that the number of vehicles has most likely increased. With this increase the need for more auto technicians is sky rocketing and if you are someone looking for a career this could be the perfect choice for you. When you complete your training as an auto technician you will be making good money and opportunity to grow within the industry. You will also have the ability to get a job anywhere in the United States.

For most people knowing the path to becoming an auto technician is not common knowledge but luckily now it is not too hard and should be a perfect career for you. Here are a couple of tips that will help you get an understanding on the process of becoming an auto technician and the benefits that come along with it.

What do Auto Technicians Do?

As an auto technician you are someone that specifies in fixing and keeping up with vehicles of all types, certain auto technicians will work on certain vehicles depending on their license. For a long time being an auto technician was dealing with mechanical and electrical systems but today technology has been implemented into vehicles so much that you work with a lot of computers as well.

With this career you can earn some great pay and be very knowledgeable when it comes to working on vehicles. If you are someone who likes to work with their hands then this is perfect for you, this career will be different from anything that you have pursued. You do not have to go to a traditional college if you want to be an auto technician, most of these degrees are offered through trade schools which are cheaper and take half the time to actually get a degree. Plus as an auto technician you can be working and training at the same time.

Want to start getting paychecks as an auto technician? You can get an auto repair certificate at just around six months and start getting paid as you are training. Pursuing this career will earn you a wage that won’t even be close to minimum wage and there is so much opportunity to grow. Since there are so many companies that make different vehicles you have a big variety of companies to move around if you feel like it.

Becoming an Auto Technician

There is not only one way to become an auto technician, but there are many ways which you could achieve this amazing career. If you are younger and still in high school, take advantage as soon as possible because learning skills at that age will help you out. Try to get into a high school program that teaches you the basics to the career. If you want to do the college route, it is a pretty good option as there are certain programs that will allow you to get a certificate in 6 months, others will go for 2 year programs or the traditional 4 year bachelor’s degree which will give you increased pay.

If you end up getting a certificate or a degree in the auto technician field it would be time for you to find a job. The first places to start looking would be dealerships and manufacturing companies which will offer you the best pay and help you learn more about the industry. This is a great first step to earn some specialized certificates which will help you earn more pay and more knowledge in whatever field you find interesting. With specialized certificates you are able to work on high end vehicles and maybe even get into being a race auto technician.

The next big thing for you to do is completing your apprenticeship which will give you an edge on finding any new jobs in the field. Apprenticeships usually take around 2 to 5 years and you will be getting paid as you are earning your knowledge. The next big one would be getting licensed by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence which gives you even more pay and the ability to own your own shop. The highest license that you can get is the master license which to get you must pass 8 licensing exams.

How much is the Pay, Start Searching Today

When becoming an auto technician you are enjoying great pay and the ability to further yourself. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics2 stated that auto technicians had an average pay of $39,550 a year which is around $19 an hour. When it came to the top auto technician’s average, they were making around $65,430 and the lower percent were making around $22,610 a year.

There are many places where you can pick up an auto technician career that will offer you different pay everywhere you go, all being very good. With the knowledge of being an auto technician you have the ability to switch up your career if you ever want to try something new within the field. You can switch over to being a paint technician, auto shop owner or a collision technician, with the many options available this should be the career to pursue.

If you are looking to become an auto technician you should start searching which program will allow you to earn your certificate the way you want. Either a 6 month program or getting a 4 year school degree, the choice is up to you and either way you are going to be making some great money. Make sure to start comparing the different training programs or even think about applying for apprenticeships which are not in shortage.

Start searching today to start your career as an auto technician.  




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