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Why Would You Buy A 2019 SUV When You Can Get A 2018 Model At A Discounted Price


If you are looking to purchase a brand new SUV, you should consider getting a 2018 model. For one the SUV is still brand new and second you get a great discounted price for pretty much the same vehicle. Most of the time car manufacturers only add a couple of features to their next year’s model so you are still getting most of the features at a reasonable price. When you considering buying a 2018 model you will find that dealerships are willing to work with you on the price and try to get rid of that model to restock on next year’s models.

Now is the perfect time for you to start shopping for a 2018 SUV because the end of the year is here and dealerships are looking to sell as many 2018 models as possible. So take advantage and pick the perfect SUV for you, here is some advice that will help you get the best deal on your new SUV.

Getting the Same SUV For Cheaper

Most of the time last year’s models are not much different to the latest models, car manufactures will usually change the appearance of the SUV by adding different trim kits but your features usually stay the same. The reason why these models don’t offer you much of an upgrade is because they go through a cycle that lasts six years called the “model cycle” which the automaker plans what will be updated in the vehicle each year according to AutoTrader.1

During the first two years the vehicle model will stay the same and have nothing different added to it. For the third year, the model will finally get a remodel which includes new appearance, some new technology and maybe a new color. Then you’re the next 2 years, the model will stay the same and finally the sixth year the SUV model will get a total remodel which almost everything will change, this is the weird cycle that automakers usually stick to.

Now that you see that SUV models don’t really change unless they are on their sixth year of that cycle, you can still be getting the same vehicle but saving thousands of dollars by just going with the previous year. With the price being such a big difference, there should be no reason why you are not considering getting a 2018 SUV.

There are a number of 2019 SUV models that are not going to get a remodel so the prices for these SUV models are going to be drastically less. The 2019 Jeep Renegade is starting at $27,0002 but if you end up going with the 2018 model of the Jeep Renegade you can get it for as low as $21,643 according to Real Car Tips.3 They also reported the 2018 model of the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is starting at $31,0004 while Consumer Reports5 stated that the 2019 model of the Santa Fe Sport is starting at $38,800.

As you can see there are some great prices on brand new SUVs that you can own today by just starting a search online.

Dealerships Getting Rid of 2018 SUV Models

Since it is important for dealerships to clear the lot for their 2019 models, they are offering any model that is from 2018 at discounted prices. It is not good for dealerships to have the previous year’s model on the lot but it is a great time for you, dealerships will work with you and even drop the price more for you to drive that SUV off the lot.

When dealerships get their 2019 SUV models rolling in, you will see more promotions being offered and discounts on all previous models. Now is that time that dealerships are starting to get shipments on their new models which means great discounts for you. Start looking at your local dealerships to see if they have any 2018 models are an affordable price, there are many dealerships so make sure to compare to get the best price.

With the New Year just around the corner you will start seeing dealerships offering some of the best deals of the year. Sometimes dealerships will even have models from two years back which will be even cheaper for you to purchase, just because it has been sitting doesn’t mean it is still not brand new. Not only do you get a discounted price on your SUV but most of the time dealerships will offer you cash back bonuses or lower interest rates.

Consider Buying Soon

With the knowledge that you have now about why buying a previous year’s SUV model can save you thousands and you won’t be missing out on anything. It is all up to you now to make the decision on what manufacturer you would like to go with, there are many options out there for you to choose. Many dealerships offer different prices and promotions so be sure that you take a look at the ones near you. Doing some research before you go to the dealership can save you time, so be sure to look at the 2018 model that you want before.

Now that you know you can save thousands by just doing some research it is time for you to make your purchase on your new SUV. There are many factors that you should take into consideration which we have covered, look for the previous year’s models and you will be saving money. Start searching today for the dealership and SUV that you really want.







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