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Working Out Without Going Broke


Getting in shape doesn’t have to hit your wallet. You can shave the pounds and get toned by following a few simple money rules. Some of these are common sense, while the others tend to be lesser known. These money saving workout tips have been around for generations, so it isn’t too late to prioritize the best of them. As a quick reminder, home gyms are a lot more sophisticated than they used to be. Getting a full workout at home is now possible without needing expensive equipment.

You Don’t Need A Gym To Run

There is nothing wrong with the treadmill. It remains one of the best ways to get cardio done in a low or high impact way. But if the weather is nice outside, why are you inside on a treadmill? Walking, jogging or running outside is a great way to save money if the weather is nice. If the only reason you joined the gym was for the treadmill or bike, rethink that investment based on your city’s weather. You’ll save a couple of bucks and get to take in some really good outside scenery.

They Have An App For That

Whether you’re outside or inside, there is an app that connects you with the rest of the world. They have apps to track workout progress, set/achieve goals, keep up with groups, share stats to social media and more. All of these features are so in-depth that they replace many of the things that make people join big gyms. Some apps even reward you with points for working out, which can then be turned into cash. The options are truly vast in this category, and they keep growing. With the rise of Fitbit and other brand name trackers, working out without an app is like riding a bike without pedals. Make it a point to replace the social activities of a gym with the technological advancements of trackers and their associated apps. There are no monthly fees, and it pays for itself in the long run.

Don’t Fall Into The Premium Trap

There is nothing wrong with joining a gym if you are wary of the costs. When doing the gym life, be aware of the common money pitfalls of being part of a large workout group; onsite food, massage, spa, drinks, smoothies and other extras that don’t fall within the monthly membership. All of these extras add up, and in time will cost you more than the membership is worth. The biggest offender is the pay-per-use services like massage and spas. If it isn’t rolled into a higher tier membership for free, then stay away from it at all costs.

Join A Group

Exercise groups are available everywhere to help motivate those in need. They keep you on schedule and away from the many expensive pitfalls of modern exercise. In many ways a group provides a better social setting than a gym surrounded by strangers. There is less of a burden to compete and you remain surrounded by peers that are on the same level. Groups are also eligible for discounts at some gyms, making it even a better reason to join a bunch of like-minded people.

Exercising Is Fun

An expensive gym membership isn’t the only way to get in shape. And if you are absolutely set on going to a gym, consider the local YMCA. The cost savings from that small change won’t affect your ability to get the best workout possible. Prioritize your time working out rather than the amount of money spent on it. You’ll get the same results without hitting your wallet in unexpected ways. 

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Kelsey Harris

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