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You Should Definitely Plan Your Next Vacation in January, Here's Why?


You have your travel funds in order, some ideas around where you’d like to go and vacation time burning a hole in your virtual corporate bank. The next challenge is when to go on your unforgettable adventure. There’s a debate that can be had as to when the best time to pack your bags and globe trot. Most would agree that Spring and Summer seasons are the best times to go on vacation because the weather is a bit more predictable and potentially much better than Winter and Fall seasons. People tend to think the best time to visit anywhere is when the weather is dry, mild, warm and sunny.1 There are other criteria to think about when deciding when to travel. Are you trying to see a specific type of wildlife? Maybe you’re trying to catch a concert or music festival? The best time for travelers to go on vacation ultimately depends on where the traveler’s final destination will be.

Winter tends to be the more unpopular month to travel, however there are strong arguments to be made for travel in January. Amongst some of the topics this article will cover, there are many more benefits. The initial thought that comes to mind is how we tend to feel in the winter months. People tend to be solar powered, meaning they function better in the sunlight. We get vitamins and energy from the sun. So when the sun is scarce, our good feelings and bright energy tends to become scarce as well. This could be explained by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).2 It’s a disorder that is described by Mental Health Care professionals as a type of depression and can be triggered by changes in seasons. The disorder is prevalent in the Fall and Winter months. So what better time to escape the gloom and doom of dramatically changing seasons for happier environments? Here are some other great reasons to consider traveling in January.

Cheap Airfare

The coming Winter months drop the rates of travel in comparison to other seasons. With dropping rates of travel comes dropping demand for travel, which tends to equate to cheaper flights. According to Skyscanner, the global travel search engine, flights average around 16 percent cheaper in January than the yearly average. As March approaches, the trend ticks upward with a 13 percent increase over the yearly average.3 That’s just domestic estimations. International travel has been known to drop 36 percent in January compared to the yearly average.4 This is not bad news for people who like to have more space on long flights. Less people traveling means more unoccupied seats and the potential to sprawl out across your entire row. Not only will you be able to make a luxurious full-size bed out of your row seating, but you’ll have a little extra money in your pocket to purchase the bank robbing food and drinks your flight will provide.

Prices go up in Spring

As previously mentioned, travelers will tend to see an increase of about 13 percent over the yearly average, in the costs of plane tickets once March comes around.5 The weather starts to come around to being far more tolerable, the fog is lifted from the cold of the winter and we’re able to think a little more clearly. Once you get back into that routine of fun, the planning thoughts start coming back, but at that time, costs have already gone up and your window to win the travel game is quickly closing. Hotels and air bnbs begin seeing more interests in booking travel dates, so the demand skyrockets and the supply dwindles. If you’re looking for a destination that provide proper R&R, you’ll be also competing with Spring Breakers by time March approaches. Rowdy college boys and “woo” girls may encroach on your ability to rest and relax. In the winter time, they are buckling down for finals and by time March hits, they have Fall and Winter aggression to let loose. Good thing for you, you decided to travel in January when they are all in class.

How to find January Deals

Finding deals in January is about as easy as throwing a rock at the ocean and hitting water. There is no shortage of companies trying to cram last minute winter travel deals down your throat and if you pay attention to some of them, you may find you are getting away with a steal of a deal. Websites such as Tripadvisor and Skyscanner would be your best bets and one stop shop for January travel deals. Skyscanner tends to be a bit more reliable and is based on historical data extracted for domestic and international travel.6 Though it’s not the only outlet for finding great travel deals in January, Skyscanner is leading in global travel search engine industry. It’ll create recommendations for you, allow you to set up travel alerts and help you compare prices between airlines and even other travel search engine sites. Best of all, it’s free! Adding a little more money to your travel fund. 

Tripadvisor and Travelocity will provide first hand experiences from fellow travelers, that could be a great source of insight for traveling on off-peak months, where the best places to visit during that time and what to do while you are there. Open up your horizons by not limiting your travel to just the popular Spring and Summer months. 








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